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Summerhill Terrace Apartments



Resident · 2002 - 2006
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Office Staff
Where to begin?<br><br>My husband and I happily moved into Summerhill Terrace the week of Christmas 2002. We were newlyweds. The manager had just switched hands, and we were immediately on good terms with her. Our first year there was generally happy. We were pleased with our apartment, and at the time there were alot of friendly tenants living there! I couldn't ask for better neighbors. I lived in the main building where the office was located on 2nd floor. Sure the manager was on the nosy side, but she was never ever rude to anyone. She was also quite understanding and reacted quickly to any problem. <br>The spring of 2003 I became pregnant, and you would think the manager was grandma expecting a grandchild, she was so happy for us. She was always smiling in her office, happy, and treated people with respect. I really enjoyed living there, until after the owners switched off managers. We got a completely different manager who was inherently rude to people right off the bat. She wasn't completely friendly, but she would say "hello" if the mood struck her. She always yelled at the children on the complex, and seemed to have a problem with her temper regarding children. Her first summer there, she was always after the kids. Come fall, many families were packing and leaving. Around this time, alot of bad elements began moving in. I blame this on management's poor judgement in what applicants were accepted. At least a dozen new people moved in that fall - winter, give or take. After this, robberies in the car garage began, break ins, drug busts on two occasions, and alot of people who were immature and only interested in partying and playing their music loudly.<br>One by one, my husband and I watched the good tenants pack it in and go, and the bad elements continue moving in. People stopped caring about the building and began dumping off trash in the car garage or elevator. The manager's attitude to the continual problems shifted from so -so to being nasty. This is when I started to think about a move, especially because we had our baby to consider, but I could not afford one. We hoped eventually things would shift and these people would be moved out. <br>My husband worked, I stayed home with our baby, and this was our lives. No parties, for us, as we simply had no time for it. We considered Summerhill our home at the time, for better or worse.<br>Eventually, we had new people move in above us, and it became intolerably loud. Come to find out, around 9 people were living in one apartment. A woman beneath us, who had only lived there a year, began blaring her stereo at such loud decibles, our apartment shook. <br>We then got in another new apartment manager, in Jan 2006. We were hopeful that she would come in and clean up some of the mess that the other manager moved in. But no. She is....completely WORSE and possesses poor judgement in comparison to the last manager. She does not like to deal with tenants, keeps the office door shut all day long, and pulls the blinds, where other managers were kind enough to keep this open so tenants could feel welcome to stop by. <br>We began to have problems with our downstairs neighbor playing her stereo too loudly....so we filed a complaint. After this, the tenant we complained about began the most insanely wild letter campaign to management and the owners, that her life was hell because our child was playing above her. Never mind the fact that this woman had a child of her own. She made up gross accusations about us, and the manager believed her, despite the fact that we had a good record with Summerhill....<br>We received a 30 day notice to vacate our apartment and this manager told us it was because of our child's noise. She told us we couldn't control our child, so we had to go. Funny thing is, our child wasn't making any noise, any where differently than previous to her arrival....it was just our downstairs neighbor's way to retaliate and get us moved out. <br>I have seen the present manager yell at children, be rude to present tenants there, but to the people that come to look at a new apartment, they are treated very respectfully, until you move in, that is.<br>My husband saw her on occasion prowling around outside at night, as if to be checking in on other tenants business, writing down plate numbers on cars, and putting sticky tickets on the ones that she didn't think belonged there. She threatened once to have my out of town friend, who was there ONE day to visit me, tow her car off. It was a digusting mess.<br>The one thing you will not see at Summerhill, is alot of children outside playing because there is no where to play, and the places that are there for them is the parking lot. The manager does not permit it, so in essence, they expect you to keep your child quiet, and indoors during the summer break. I myself have seen the new manager tell children to "go home" if they were out walking near the gated pool. I'm talking 9 to 12 year olds.<br>This is NOT a place for you if you want peace of mind, privacy, or a place to relax in and just be a family. <br>I thank God I was served the 30 day notice to leave....it was truly a blessing to get out of there because now I live in a place where there are ALOT of children, and the managers respect people here. They also have young children of their own...The managers ALSO has a life of their own, and doesn't care to know your business and keep track of you the way summerhill managers are.<br>I'm so happy now I got away from Summerhill.
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Summerhill Terrace Apartments

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