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Summerhill Terrace Apartments



Resident · 2006
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Office Staff
i moved to summerhill just weeks ago. now this manager told me it was going to be quiet. i work 3rd shift and need my sleep. i wish i investigated better because the trains including bart are terribly noisy. <br><br>i'm in the main building too where it is not retro fitted and sound proofed. my friend works for the city and told me that summerhill used to be an extended stay type hotel. its not meant for long term living! i can hear neighbors all the time and smell everyone's cooking. the walls are just paper thin and everytime someone leaves and shuts their door it echos loudly. <br><br>there is already a post from someone where they said the trains shake your apartment. believe me they do! the floor especially. heck, even when you are on the toilet. <br><br>i'm sorry but i think the manager SHOULD have been honest with me about this from the get go about the noise. i can't sleep here worth a flip so i'll definitely be leaving when i find another place. its so bad i have to break my lease.<br><br>a suggestion to summerhill - dont manage long term living apartments in hotels that have no upgraded soundproofing. and i wouldnt rent to people near trains. be honest to others about the noise they produce. its not fair!<br><br>c. ruth <br><br>i'm marking this one very poor<br>Cheap fixtures, materials, or poor insulation.
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Summerhill Terrace Apartments

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