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Summerhill Terrace Apartments



Resident · 2001 - 2006
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Office Staff
I COMPLETELY rely upon my car to get me to work. I cannot commute by bus or train. My tags were 40 days expired. I had an appointment set to go and take care of this. Had to schedule half a day off work to handle this. <br>I didn't know the manager was running around checking plates on cars! I woke up one morning to go to work and my car was GONE. The crazy manager had it towed off claiming all cars with expired tags have to be towed on my expense!<br>I EXPLAINED to her that I had scheduled an appointment to take care of it. I'm busy working as a pediatric nurse. I asked her to please get my car out. I begged, pleaded. She did not care about how much I rely on my car. I got ushered out of her office then she shut her door on me and locked it and put up the out to lunch sign. I sat down and cried. I miss work that day. Later on that afternoon I hear someone at the door. I get up to see and open the door and lo and behold there is a big bright yellow paper taped there a warning stating I harass management. If i harass again I will be vacated from the premisis. LETS GET THIS STRAIGHT<br>THIS woman can have my car towed. I'm a hardworking nurse who is working all the time dependent on this car. And she does not have to care or help me get my car back.<br>This woman must sit and spin ways to harass the tenants. I talk to my neighbor and she said the manager was forever putting notices and threats on peoples doors here. I will be leaving once the lease is out. There is seriously something off about this manager. No one seems to get along with her and I keep seeing moving trucks with people leaving in droves lately.
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Summerhill Terrace Apartments

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