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Woodchase Apartments



Resident · 2015 - 2016
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Office Staff
Short version: Don't move here. The property is poorly managed and maintained, you will pay far more than the apartment is worth, and they will raise your rent a ridiculous amount after a year. Long version: Buckle up... My wife and I had to move out of SF to find a larger place to accommodate our soon to be born son. We checked out Woodchase as it was close to my family in the East Bay. They showed us an apartment that was several remodelings further along from what we eventually got and said that our unit was currently occupied and would need time to be remodeled before we could move in. The problems started before we moved in. Move in date was wrong by a month, our apartment was barely cleaned, and one of our door keys didn't work. When we signed the lease we were surprised by being made to purchase renter's insurance. The apartment reeked of cigarette smoke had cigarette burns on the counters, upstairs neighbors were incredibly noisy, and our remodel hadn't happened. We aired the apartment out over the several weeks it took us to move in, emailed about the need for another key without response (payed for our own second set,) and our walk through with the management didn't occur until we had been moving things in for several days. Issues seemed to pop up at lease once a month starting with the urine and feces from the dogs owned by our upstairs neighbors. The balcony they had was over our patio allowed the dogs to expel their waste down onto the area right outside our sliding glass doors, onto our newly purchased patio furniture, and also onto one of the guests. It took weeks to get the property managers to take to the folks upstairs since they kept dodging my attempts to speak with them directly. The problem never truly went away and no one from Woodchase ever dealt with the urine stains that stayed on the exterior walls of our apartment up to and including the day we moved out. Our sink stopped up so I wrote an email request and called the maintenance number and left a message. I got a call back from someone who couldn't grasp what I meant when I said, "Our kitchen sink isn't draining, please help." I was told it wasn't an emergency and they would send a plumber tomorrow. Later that night around 9 a maintenance worker showed up and angrily informed me that my neighbor's apartment was flooding and that I failed to get it dealt with. The mailboxes were changed and new keys were handed out. Ours got handed to someone other than my wife and I. The property managers hadn't written down who they had given the key to. We had to request the locks be changed on the mailbox. We received none of our mail for close to 3 weeks. Requests for help went unanswered most of that time. And then Woodchase decided to save water. California is in a drought, water needs to be saved, efforts to do this should be applauded, but... Woodchase ran sprinklers that shot into the parking lot, onto the sidewalks, and straight up into the storm drains. Sometimes after several days of rain. Sometimes during a storm. The fountain in our wing of the complex which only ever ran for a few weeks total while we were there was drained and filled dozens of times. But our shower heads and toilets were wasteful so they had to go. The new ultra low flow toilets that they installed cannot handle human waste. Be prepared to clean your toilet every day. The management had been pestered so many times on this issue that they circulated 2 separate polls on our satisfaction with the new toilets. Nothing was done. Stove caught fire, driers didn't work, we had a flea infestation, there was anti Semitic graffiti above the mail boxes and gang graffiti on the gates. Too much to cover. They raised our rent way too much after a year ( over 10%) so we left and they nickle and dimed us on the return of our deposit. Look elsewhere.
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We are disappointed to hear that your stay with us has not been to your satisfaction. If you have any additional comments or suggestions of how we may improve your experience with us, please email our Cares Team at [email protected]

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Woodchase Apartments

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