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Bridgepointe Apartments



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kuonji • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/19/2005
I have lived here since the beginning of September and so far it's been really great. The complex is quiet. In fact, I was attracted to this place because of the reviews claiming that it was too quiet. That is perfect! I cannot understand how 'too quiet' could possibly be a bad thing, at least compared to the possibility of it being too noisy.<br><br>Elevators are easily accessible. It has assigned underground garage parking. Very peaceful and easy. The grounds are clean and nice.<br><br>The square footage for the 1 bedrooms is fantastic. Lots and lots of cabinets in the kitchen, the patio has a storage room off of it. I was able to fit quite a bit into that room. And there's still plenty of space left. <br><br>It's close to shopping. This San Mateo/Foster City area is a dream to me. Close to everything. 30 minutes to the city, 20 minutes to Hayward, 25 minutes to San Jose, 5 minutes to downtown San Mateo. It's the perfect location.<br><br>I've had to have maintenance come and fix a few things and they have always been very prompt.<br><br>The most important reason why I like this complex is the absence of 'ghettoness'. Stereo thumping up-to-no-good thugs are at a bare minimum here. Try making that claim almost anyplace else. Chalk it up to the price and location. Almost everyone is a professional here; kind, friendly, clean, respectful. <br><br>Also, no dogs means no surprises awaiting you in the grassed areas.<br><br>If I had to pick nits about the negatives, I could come up with a few things. Primarily I have Comcast cable internet service. The lines seem to get saturated in the evening, driving my ping times to 250 milliseconds when they should be consistantly at 50 or under. I am switching to DSL so hopefully that will solve that.<br><br>Secondly the exercise room is small, in my opinion, for the amount of units in the complex. I think it should be twice the size.<br><br>Third, the mold addendum to the contract is literally 3 or 4 pages. I understand the need to cover your behind when it comes to issues such as this, but come on. (As a side note, I haven't noticed any mold or anything yet).<br><br>Fourth, and this is very minor, but I use my cell phone for my primary means of communication and decided to get a VOIP line (internet phone line) for other calls and so forth. I found out that they cannot link the gate unlocking system/directory to your phone unless it's on the copper lines that they built with the complex, IE use SBC or whomever for standard old telephone service. Since I'm switching to DSL, I bought SBC's cheapest line and I'll hook up my number to that so friends can ring me at the gate and come in themselves.<br><br>Overall this place is really really great. I encourage anyone who is shopping around for apartments to come visit this place. I did a lot of searching before I moved here. From San Jose to San Francisco and every place inbetween looking for a decent place to live and I am certainly not disappointed. Keep in mind, it is a pricey complex. But I believe it is money well spent.
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Bridgepointe Apartments

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