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Hillsdale Gardens



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/24/2002
The rent is high and the apartments are not that great, also the location is not the best...there is drug dealers, people doing drugs a lot of vandalism around there and don´t spect the security to anything about, since they do the same. The people was nice when we first move in,but now.... The neighbors are very rude, loud, has no respect for the other people. For instance, in the building I live only one family is nice the other one´s are rude and very direspectfull. They don´t respect your parking slot and everybody does what they want....I am tired of complaining at the office, no one does anything to fix these problems...I think the worst one is the laundry facilities, don´t ever leave your clothe by itself if someone else wants to do their loundry, too...."my clothe was in the washer, there was 15 minutes left for it to be done and this lady and her kids decided to trough my clothe on a dirty table, so they can do their laundry..I had to do all my laundry again" I went to the office to complain and they didn´t do anything about it... One thing if you know someone that works their your life will be easier, but if you don´t ....GOOD LUCK!!!!! I hate this place!!! I am so glad we are finally moving out!!! <br> <br>One more thing, if you moving be careful since there is no parking close to the stairs and make sure some one is watching you car, cause the neighbors might call the police and you´ll get a ticket, like I did
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Hillsdale Gardens

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