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Park Place at San Mateo



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/07/2007
Update: Scammers. They will scam you out of your security deposit and then some! Like the previous poster indicated, they insist that YOU have to pay to have the carpets professionally cleaned PLUS the apartment needs to be cleaned to move-in level condition. Check your JPI lease though... it only requires "broom-clean" and also specifically states NOT to spackle/repaint. Archstone is run by a bunch of crooks.<br><br>Review from 1/2007:<br>Jeff Bay was a decent (comfortable albeit expensive) place to live before Archstone-Smith took over the community (Fall 2006) and f*&ked it all up. All their marketing materials tout their "Seal of Service" but my god, Archstone-Smith San Mateo is beyond incompetent. Among the gripes I have with them:<br>1. I spoke to three different people on three separate occasions inquiring about the rental rate for month-to-month. No response. Actually, each agent said she'd find out and call me back the next day. No call. Ever. When I went in person, the staff couldn't find my file. Seriously, that's what they even admitted.<br>2. I wanted to rent a storage unit upstairs. Rather than jot down my apartment unit as soon as I gave her the information, the agent tried to memorize it. She went into the key making room. Five seconds later (key not made), she returned to ask my unit number again. This process repeated three times. In all, I had to tell her my apartment number FOUR times. I'm not joking. And what do you know, the key she gave me didn't even work. I had to go back. Unbelievable. Even a child knows to write crap down if his/her brain can't retain the information!<br>3. I lost my mail key. The staffer said a replacement would cost $25. Uh, the lease I signed says $7.50. The lady said she'd double check the lease and call me back. When she called back, she asked where that charge was stated. Uh, page 10, paragraph 2. Do you read your tenants' files? Are you even literate?<br>4. I paid my $7.50 key charge by check. I just got a letter saying the office doesn't process checks written by someone not listed on the lease. Uh, I live here. I'm on the lease. You've been cashing my checks for the last six months.<br>5. Regardless of the time, no one ever answers the phone. I get that annoying answering machine message that supposedly gives the option to leave a message, but when I press option 1, the message just loops. Fine. So I email the office. No reply since Wednesday. It's Sunday now.<br>6. Forget about resolving anything in person. I've wasted at least 40 minutes each visit, and a follow-up trip is always required since the staff can't get anything right on the first try.<br><br>Please. Do yourself a favor. Rent elsewhere. ANYwhere.
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Park Place at San Mateo

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