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Park Royal Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/02/2006
I would not necessarily refer anyone to this place. I moved into this place 2 years ago, as I was in a hurry. Later, my office was to be relocated, so I figured, I might as well stay here until I move to the new office location. Recently, they increased the rent as well. I would say the parking is okay and I have not seen any thefts/burglary or such serious problems. <br><br>Most of the neighbors mind their own work but you still find one or two creeps in this place. Mostly, the people who have lived here for a while prefer to rather stay due to nostalgia/close location to their office. Have not seen many people having kids, etc. Recently, many people moved out and its rather nice after that.<br><br>About families (one example):<br><br>At least one of couples (American), whom I have known, are in their early forties and they are mainly staying here because (guess) they can't afford a home. They drive a Merc SUV but what is the use. I almost feel sorry for them.They stay in the laundry room until they can finish the laundry as if someone is going to steal and they get upset if others are few mins late to pick their laundry. Because there are limited washers/dryers.(C'mon get some life or find another place, if you can't afford a home.) <br><br>On another occasion, another guy parked his car behind mine. I could not go to my 9:00 meeting and worked from home that day. I left a note on his car saying,mine is an assigned space and to not park his car behind mine. But, he parked again in the evening , preventing me from going to the grocery. But, when I called the management emergency to have his car towed or moved,they said its not an emergency and the police will have to tow it. The police refused to do anything as it was not my private property.The next day the management posted a warning on his car and he moved his car.<br><br>Furthermore, its quite noisy during day time and even in the morning. I sometimes find it difficult to sleep till late in the morning, if I am working from home. The traffic is really heavy on the el camino. <br><br>The recent management is quite good though. They installed a TV in the gym, made all the washers/dryers card operated instead of coin and take care of maintenance very quickly. But, it all came with a cost. They increased the rent. <br><br>The place is rather cheap if your office is close by. But, If you can't find any other place, due to lack of credit history, then move in here for 6 months and then find something better. <br><br>I would recommend De Sabla over this. Lot better..
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Park Royal Apartments

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