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Scotchollow Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2001 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/10/2002
I lived at Scotchollow for 9 months (would have loved to leave earlier). Just as rents started to go down (May ´01) they so pleasently raised my rent $400 (or about 25%). Amazing you may say...but VERY true. I will agree with, and add to some of the reviews by the others... <br> <br>1) MOLD, MOLD, MOLD! Everywhere! And what did management do about it? Painted over it! <br> <br>2) Leaky everything...windows, showers, pipes...leading to mold! <br> <br>3) Smelly, dirty halls, elevators, garages, etc. <br> <br>4) scary elevators--even got stuck in one once and had to get the fire department to rescue me...what did the management do? NOTHING, not even a curtosy, "I´m sorry you got stuck in the elevator." <br> <br>5) loud neighbors <br> <br>6) thin walls...I could literally hear EVERYTHING from the apartment above...and I mean everything. conversations, movies, fights, snoring (I had to sleep with ear plugs)...EVERYTHING! <br> <br>7) garage doors were always broken <br> <br>8) pipes broke in the garages, and flooded everything (cars, bikes, etc.) and we were w/o water for well over 24 hours with very little explination (kind of a look and see explination). <br> <br>9) (if you really needed more) laundry room was never clean, and all of the machines were never actually working...my guess never more than 3 at any one time...even got as low as 1 working machine once. <br> <br>10) Garbage was always overflowing... <br> <br>So if given the choice, especially in this economy of lower rents, don´t move here. It´s a heath risk, and not worth whatever they´re asking for rent now. Good Luck!
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Scotchollow Apartments

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