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Scotchollow Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1996 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/21/2002
I have been here since almost 6 yrs. <br><br>The place is pretty nice except a few problems : <br><br>i) It´s expensive (usually the rents are $200 higher than comparable units nearby - earlier the diff was atleast 300) . Now the Management has changed and Tim is an OK guy but even today these they don´t even bother to look around for prices. It´s definitely not worth the difference. <br><br>ii)The lease renewal is a complete B.S. - no matter how many years u stay there is no concept of rewarding you - many times you pay rents much higher than what a newcomer pays!!!! - simply ´cause u are in a lease! The manager says that everybody should pay same but when it comes to new renters they get one month off ($1300-$2000) - I don´t understand what is that??? <br><br>iii) Service / Maintainence is OK but there are couple of guys (who actually do the repair ) like Joe Wilson etc who are idiots and behave very irresponsibly. <br><br>One very good benefit is there a park adjacent to the apartments which is very beneficial atleast to them who have kids like me (have two kids) <br><br>I wasn´t affected that much ´cause I was in long leases but next week I am moving out for sure!!! So overall I would suggest avoid the place since you can get equally good / better apartments very nearby OR in Foster City(a very good place too) for lesser rents.
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Scotchollow Apartments

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