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Deer Valley Apartments



Resident · 2008
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Office Staff
We moved in a few years ago because it was in a great location to our work, at first this looked as though we found a gem here in San Rafael 2br 2bath in a great location they even told us that they had central air when we took our first tour (turned out to be a lie). We moved in and the fist thing that we had an issue with was the A/C. Well it was august and really hot so I happily went to the temp control and put in on "high cool" yet all that came out was hot air. I went down to the office to inquire about the issue and was promptly laughed at because they don't have A/C in the buildings. I should have know there. To make a long, LONG story short I will just list off the issues that started to stacking up from there. -Rug not replaced until two years in when it was supposed to be done on day one "scheduling issues" for them? -water leak that ran our ISTA bill up to 1030 gallons a month not handled for over six months, and then the bill that was supposed to be "adjusted" has never been to date (one year now) and is around 1800 bucks. -Filters are not changed and contain mold and dust from years (three years here and they have never once been changed regardless of tenant request. -Management changes like the wind so don't expect to get any answers from anyone even when dealing with your lease. Currently they think I'm on a lease that is from 9/5/10 to 4/6/2010 yes I have a reverse lease that I may "OWE" them for because I have now been on month to month since April?? even though I have a 12 month lease that I and at least the online portal reflects. Thank goodness for that but, they just don't seem to understand that. -Storage unit is infested with rats. even after the ate all my belongings and called the board of heath because everything was covered with rat poop they have only put out ONE sticky trap. -Back of most of the buildings are overgrown grass and dog poop, which is great for allergies if you have them like me. they do cut it once a year and continue to water the dirt so you have a wonderful mud all summer long. -The buildings themselves are fitted with low quality shingling that in some areas due to water damage you can push your finger right through without any trouble. -The place is infested with spiders and all other sorts of bugs. -Dryer vents in the buildings for years until they no longer work and the FINALLY had to be addressed by a company who left all the left over dryer lint all over the property and in your living spaces. -Late charges for rent payments when you use their online payment method due to "computer issues" Also my be charged double for these same "issues" -People park EVERYWHERE be prepared to be blocked in or have your spot taken. -Dog poop. It's on your shoes get used to it. I guess that is where I will end this review but, trust me don't judge a book by it's cover because you may end up living here.
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Deer Valley Apartments

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