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McInnis Park Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2011
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Office Staff
In addition to the ridiculously overpriced rent, management bills everyone separately for water, sewer, trash and a handling fee for billing you! There are no individual meters in apartments to register how much water or sewage you use so you pay some random percentage (based on an unknown formula) of the entire community's use. Also, there are some apts where unauthorized tenants live along with legit tenants so you are paying for everyone else's water use, etc. in addition to your own. This adds about a hundred extra dollars on top of the high rent you are already paying... Trash situation is also unacceptable. Groundskeepers routinely dump appliances, fixtures, lawn clippings, etc. into dumpsters leaving only a little room for tenants trash. When people move out, which is often, they leave mattresses, furniture, etc. in the dumpster so you're also paying for someone else's garbage pick up. Apartment floors and ceilings aren't insulated so if you live on the bottom floor or middle floor, you hear everyone else's noise which includes toilets flushing, bathroom and kitchen fans, people walking,talking, pets and kids running, snoring (yes...snoring), etc. You can hear your neighbor's phone conversations through the floors. If you don't have a washer/unit in your apartment, you have to use the laundry room. It is not maintained properly and gross. Every time a machine is broken, it is left broken for months...or taken away and never replaced. Typically, there are usually only a few machines which actually work. I don't think anyone bothers to clean the laundry room either because they are old and often dirty. The grounds are maintained minimally. Lights burn out routinely and are never replaced...and it gets very dark here since it is located next to a field. I don't know how the owners can even think of charging premium rents for these sub-standard units. If you're looking for a place to settle in, keep looking.
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McInnis Park Apartments

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