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Adagio at South Coast

3124 South Main Street

Santa Ana, CA 92707



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bgj7606 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/07/2007
Neighbors are extremely loud and fireworks seem to go off quite a bit. Drifters from the nearby 7-11 and Del Taco come onto the property-my car has already been broken into. Parking is impossible and if you have more than one car you one will be banished to a far off lot poorly secured. Maintenence requests generally require several trips to the office, though this has improved. <br><br>Management essentially colludes with cable companies and recently has made it impossible to have satellite TV. The property is now managed by Metric, which is owned by BlackRock Group, a private equity investment firm that recently advised Time Warner and ComCast in their acquisition of Adelphia. Low and behold, we get notice on our door that management will be removing satellite dishes attached to the building (there are many on the rooves) and that dish customers must maintain a $100K insurance policy on the dish, which is moronic since any personal injury would be covered by other insurance. They also are now enforcing the restriction on drilling into the building so satellite cables can reach TVs (after not enforcing that clause for years). So basically after completing a big deal with the cable companies in the last year the property management company owners are making it impossible to have a dish. If they were truly motivated by a desire to protect the structure from damage incurred during a dish installation, they would grandfather the existing dishes in and prevent any future installations. We also just got a fat "Welcome to Time Warner Cable" ad pack, conveniently, which was distributed to all residents. And rates just increased from about $30 to $52. Quite a jump! Considering this place can't even get a leaky faucet repaired or properly execute a lease, I will give them credit for being able to orchestrate a pretty elaborate scheme to force residents to use a service that the owner has a "corporate partnership" with (language from Black Rock web site).<br><br>Rent is cheaper than other local apartments and pets are allowed (dogs too), so many are here out of necessity. A lot of college students that are loud and the residents of the adjacent houses that parallel the rear property line are extremely loud. It is like Cinco de Mayo back there every weekend, with loud Mexican music, screaming, fireworks, etc.<br><br>Complext is conveniently located near South Coast, but borders on an area frequented by indigents. Not safe at night to walk or run to the conveneince store for milk. Security is atrocious; the winners staffing the security cars only seem to come around when Jupiter is in its seventh moon. It also seems like the security personnel are actually the kind of person one might hire security to protect one's self from. <br><br>Management staff seems to turnover about once a month or so. Manager Erin has been here since I moved in in June and she seems to be competent and effective, though I suspect her staff makes her job difficult. In my opinion she has made a positive difference here, but she is only one person. To get this place up to snuff it would take several million dollars probably and a community revitalization program.<br><br>Renters proceed with caution. Might be good option for dog owners and students if you have a thick skin.
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Adagio at South Coast

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