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Fairhaven Apartment Homes



Resident · 2012 - 2016
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
This place is an absolute dump. The 2 young property managers who live on site for free can't seem to make it into the office at normal hours. Office opens at 9:00am- you will find them strolling in at about 9:30/10ish. Supposed to close at 6:00 pm but get out of there way earlier- 5:00 or 5:30. Also- they give preferential treatment to their family or friends for parking passes . No guest parking here unless you have permit- which you can only get as soon as they open for that day and it is first come first serve- I've been down there waiting for them to open and when they do they say they are already all out! How can they be when you can't reserve spots ahead of time??? Also- they pick on certain tenants they like or don't like- just to put it this way- white people are not the preferred customers. Other people living 6 or 7 to a one bedroom apartment with bunk beds in living room and I get a notice for hanging some shades on my balcony? Meanwhile the people nearby have 3 dogs ( Max 2 pets per unit) a screeching bird ( against Santa Ana code violation - I looked it up- birds in Santa Ana must be kept indoors ) and then this guy makes a homemade grill out of bricks and tinfoil and all that smoke goes into my place!! ( no grills allowed- can only use theirs at pool area.) Also- I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE the sound of barking dogs constantly! Don't you???!!! As for safety- bad!! Car got broken into along with others. Laundry machine breaks on a regular basis and takes a long time to fix- then the machine you are supposed to fill minutes on is broken and it is the only one there. Also- WAY too many kids running around constantly and super loud- parents don't feel like watching their kids so decide to have all of us be babysitters I guess. Cops here on a regular basis- then even they can't get through the gate because it's broken too! They changed their restricted dog breeds to now you can't really have large dogs anymore. I think a new management took over- I see other apartments getting upgrades of wood floor- granite countertop , accent walls... Etc- while my apartment has 3 different colors of paint on the walls- actually can see the top 3 inches one color- then I guess they ran out of paint- so then used another color. Also- person who painted had to have Parkinson's - as to you can see the uneven paint job. We moved here when rent for 1 bedroom was under $1400- they have now pushed a one bedroom to $1700!! They r charging like they are the Irvine Company when they are nowhere near!! Cockroaches are a problem- we keep clean- but other people like to leave their trash outside the door because......well who really cares why? It just shows you are a lazy dirty person who doesn't care how your actions affect others! So yeah-! That can lead the roaches to you just by being near these people! Trust me- do not rent here!! Horrible- not even one star- they take advantage of everyone! I don't even know how half of what they do is even legal!!! I will give it one star- and that is because Ricky and the other maintenance crew is super nice! Always nice, polite and helpful- even if is at a weird hour. Almost forgot- they bill utilities weird- AUM IS the water/sewer/trash bill we have to pay. They r the only ones- it's a monopoly. Bill goes up 10 bucks each month- and they mail the bill out to you 6 days before it is do. What the Property does- is basically they get a huge --- bill- then send the cost on downto us by splitting the amounts among the tenants. In other words- you are not billed by usage. Electric is the same way. They group apartments by 4 units at a time - they get their utility bills then split by 4 per unit. Doesn't matter if you are gone for 2 months vacation, or that you decided to go green and save water- why? Cuz guess what folks?! Doesn't matter!! Also- there are dumpster divers here at all hours- went to throw my trash in the dumpster- but someone was already there- so I set my trash down next to it and said"...agghh- sorry? Didn't see ya there???'........yeah- u get the idea. So if you like loud, messy, dirty, shady people or crappy apartments- then this here is an absolute gem!!! Graffiti free ( for now) !
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Fairhaven Apartment Homes

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