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Pacific Woods Apartments



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Office Staff
SIFY • Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/30/2007
PROS<br>THE RENT TO BEGIN WITH IS COMAPARABILY A LIITLE LESS THAN WHAT YOU U HAVE SHOPPED AROUND 4.<br><br>CONS<br>THEY INCREASE THE RENT 10% TO 15% YOUR LEASE PERIOD IS OVER.<br><br>UNLESS U R SOUTH OF THE BORDER IT IS THEIR LAND THEIR TERRITORY AND U HAVE NO SAY. (You will find the largest American Flag flying on the entrance to Pacific Woods).<br><br>If you are a Drug Dealar you are the most respected person here the savior of the complex.<br><br>Tattooed gangs roam around armed unarmed I dont know but their tatooes will put u a mile away from Pacific Woods and from the Tatoo Shop both on the left and right of Pacific Woods. There are 2 tatoo shops around Pacific Woods.<br><br>White people have been insulted by kids as small as 8 to 13 years old others have had their cars broken into and their house robbed in broad daylight.<br><br>Nature also does its part here. The PINE TREES ARE SO OLD ANG AGED THEY ARE LIKE 100 FEET TALL AND ONE PINE NUT-SHELL DROPS ON YOUR HEAD YOU ARE A DEAD HUMAN BEING.<br><br>THEIR HAVE BEEN 2 R 3 CASES AND THEY HAVE CUT DOWN 2 R 3 TREES BUT THERE ARE ALL THOSE REMAINING JUST FOR U WAITING.<br><br>1 MORE THING OTHER APARTMENTS JUST ROB YOUR DEPOSIT OF $1000 HERE THEY CHARGE U 4 WALL PAINTING < 1 YEAR 50% OF UR DEPOSIT HUNGAMA < 2 YEAR 100% OF UR DEPOSIT GAMMA GAMMA U HAVE TO PAY ALL THOSE OTHER CHARGES WHICH IF U DONT PAY WILL BE REPORTED TO THE CREDIT AGENCIES "EXPERIAN" A FEW MORE OUT THERE I CANT RECOLLECT OUT THERE AND YOUR CREDIT SCORE IS IN THE GUTTER TO THOSE MEXICAN GIRLS WHO THINK ACT & BEHAVE LIKE AMERICANS BUT GETS THEIR HEADS BUTCHERED IN MEXICO.<br><br><br><br><br>
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Pacific Woods Apartments

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