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Treehouse Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/23/2007
I feel bad for the homeless. I used to pity these vagabonds and nomads as they slept on the street and would have to beg for change, however, their living conditions are probably better than mine. They dont get harrassed by the $6/hour wanna-be cop outside their own door and get threatened to go inside because they're supposedly "loitering".... Since when is standing outside your own home LOITERING? I guess the only good thing about living here is that your calf muscles get outrageously strong from the walk from your home to the parking spot that you found a few blocks down. I think I lost about 20 lbs just from walking to and from my car each day. Thanks treehouse! I appreciate the gratuitous exercise I get daily. Too bad the rent-a-cop doesnt protect you during that life risking walk to and from the car. Each day I gamble with my own life as I pass by the crackheads and homeless to reach my destination. My cozy cockroach infested, half painted, run down piece of ---- I call home. And if I dont lose my life while getting mugged on the way to the apt, then the freezing cold will take it. Why not park AT the complex you ask? Because the oh so generous complex only gives ONE spot per Apartment... So if you got more than one in ur apartment, good luck! AND I guess I got tired paying $250 every time my car got towed. Apparently I realized too late that Treehouse and Tow and Mo got a little side business goin on... if you ARE the adventurous type and like games such as Russian Ruillette, go ahead and park... but im warning you, you have about 4 minutes until they come and haul your car away. If you're lucky and you catch them in the act, they'll gladly drop it.... for a mere $70. Hey, I guess the bright side is ... if you're reading this, it means you havent moved there yet... consider this bit of caution a gift from me to you... Kinda like Christ sacraficed and took a beating so humans dont suffer the wrath of hell, so am I taking the torment of treehouse for all you folks out there. I guess my purpose in life was to end up here... at Treehouse.. to warn the public of this hell on earth.<br><br>Happy Hunting
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Treehouse Apartments

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