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lovin-the-rentin • Resident 1994 - 1999 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/04/2007
<br>Some people will have a different experience although they lived in the same place. <br><br>I lived at the village apartments for about 8 years. I survived, thankfully and never had anything real bad happen. I needed to save money so I continued to accept it for what it was, at least at the time I lived there. Here are some good and bad things from my personal experiences. Again, this is my personal opinion and experiences from the time I lived there. Maybe it has changed since then.<br><br>STRANGE things that happened when I lived there:<br><br>1) A man who spoke spanish apparently tried to kick my door in one night. I happended to be by the front door and saw it move in slightly as it went !!BANG!! I answered the door to inform this obnoxious person that he must have the wrong place, only I lived there. I was brave and confronted him so he wouldn't come back and bash my door in later. I was concened he mistook me for someone he may have been trying to harm. He grunted and wandered off, never came back, thankfully. I figured that once he realized I was not that kind of person he'd leave. He did. THAT was weird.<br><br>2) When walking to my carport one day, I saw two african-american men pull out a gun as they drove by - no joke. It was scary because I thought maybe they were gang bangers (maybe they were). Then the passenger shot the gun at the dumpster wall - that's when I found out it was a paint gun! I pretended that I wasn't affected and continued to walk to my car. I should had reported this to the police, but figured it would do no good anyway and it wasn't a real gun.<br><br>3) My truck was accidently vandalized by little kids with rocks. They used the side of my truck as a canvas and they didn't seem to know what they were doing. It was lightly scratched. They appeared to be about 3-4 years old. Where's mom?<br><br>4) A girl ran into my truck with her bike leaving a nice crease along the side of door. I figured mom and pop were poor so I let it go.<br><br>5) While trying to park one day, a strange-looking, shaved-headed man driving in front of me kept stopping his car and blocking me. He eventually got out of his car and starting swearing. I told him I meant no trouble (He seemed to be looking for trouble). He then surpisingly offered me a beer from the bag in his arms and wandered off into the complex mumbling! I later saw him staring at cars on Tustin Ave. He appeared to be mentally ill and lived at the Village Apartments.<br><br>6) Neighbors two doors down played rap music very L-O-U-D!! One time when I walked by the door they had all the lights off and appeared to be partying and who-knows-what was going on. The Security Officer often banged on their door to stop after I called, but they'd be back at it soon enough, sometimes within an hour! This went on for months. Finally the moved. Yeah!<br><br>7) A few other odd things happened similar to above, but I'll stop. You get the idea.<br><br>GENERAL problems:<br><br>1) Often times car alarms would be going off whenever someone drove over a speed bump in the middle of the night.<br><br>2) People working on their cars into the night, more than just a few times this happened. It was hard to sleep as I am a light sleeper.<br><br>3) Noisy, bonehead neighbors that would move in and out quickly. Not everyone, but many people were irresponsible and loud and those are the one I remember.<br><br>4) Rip-Me-Off carport storage areas - DO NOT "store" anything other than dog poop there. This was horrible. At one point they were nailed shut by management. I put three different types of locks on as an experiment and all were cut off within about a week - no joke.<br><br>GOOD THINGS THAT happened:<br><br>1) I was still alive after I left.<br><br>2) My truck did not get stolen or broken into. <br><br>3) I never had MY clothes stolen from the laundry, but then again I rarely used it.<br><br>4) In spite of all the bad things that happened, most days were "ok" and I DID accomplish my goal of saving $ so it turned out well.<br><br>5) It was reasonably close to my work whether I worked in Irvine or North O.C.<br><br>6) The rent didn't go up much.<br><br>7) They fixed everything that broke.<br><br>Good luck in your search. Hope this review helped.
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