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familygal • Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/05/2006
I wanted to move out 2 weeks after I moved in! The grass is always muddy from holes and over watering, the pool is NOT heated and children turn blue (literally), no enforcement on the noise (lease states no parties etc) and people BLAST music at all hours. In one month, there was a car break-in and vandalism to another car. The rent is high for the crappy living standards! Electric, water and trash are to be paid by resident and the water bill is always around 80 dollars a month!! You get one parking spot, even if you have a 2 bedroom apartment and have to pay for another UNCOVERED spot. There is no guest parking. <br>It's loud, full of tweekers who roam around all hours yelling, domestic fighting, and music and tv's you can hear through walls.<br>I HATE LIVING THERE!!!!! I wouldn't live there if they paid me! Wish I found this site before I moved in! <br>When asking questions on maintaince to staff, you get snotty, sarcastic, rude responses. They do NOT care about well-being of residents, which is pathetically sad. <br>Also, tree trimmers are there at 7am followed by lawn mowers. <br>This place is unsafe, dirty and frankly scary to live. <br>If I could afford to break my lease, I would in a heartbeat. The only way to break the lease is if you are in the military and relocated-- i've actually considered joining the military just to break the lease! It's that bad!!<br>I opened the dishwasher to find a COCKROACH coming out....... it's disgusting. There is no place for pets because you get a tiny balcony that overlooks someone else's backyard. <br>The management never told us we needed cards to do laundry so I go to do laundry with a bag full of quarters and no way to do laundry. <br>They claim we need parking stickers or we will be towed, yetwon't give us parking stickers. <br>Parents let there kids run around unsupervised, but I actually care about the safety of my son. There are creepy people who wander around and get their kicks off peeping into your apartment. <br>If you are lucky like me, you can have the neighborhood gang hang out in front of your apartment talking about the crimes they committed against other tenants! I'm 100% serious about this. This place is unsafe and I worry about my car and home being broken into as well as the personal safety of my family. <br>DON'T MOVE HERE- IT'S NOT WORTH IT!!!!<br>IN RESPONSE TO THE COMMENT-- PLEASE SPECIFY WHAT WAS SAID THAT IS SICK- SORRY IT'S TRUTH- MAYBE STAFFERS SHOULD STAY OFF THIS SITE AND LET THE PEOPLE KNOW THE TRUTH!
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Villas at Tustin

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