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Villas at Tustin



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hatepayingtoomuch • Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/14/2007
I've been searching for a decent apt and everytime I come accross an add for [email protected] I laugh. They try to portray the place as being some kind of luxurious retreat. Even by the name, it's like they're trying to trick people into thinking they're located in Tustin and not Santa Ana. The apts are old; they have layers and layers of paint from decades past on their doors (& hinges), cabinets, counters, bath tub, etc. The paint in our bath tub started crackling and peeling after one month. The parking situation is horrible; my husband and I had to walk two blocks with our two little girls at 6am and 7pm because there was never any parking (unless you wanted to pay an additional $20/mo---if you can get it, since there was a waiting list). We had to pay an additional $50-75/month for water, trash, and sewage; not to mention a ridiculously high electric bill. Our car got broken into. Our car got towed ($250). There was always somekind of domestic dispute or something going on that required a police cruiser or two to make their usual visits. The laundry situation is horrible; the handful of washer/dryers they have are always being used or half of them are broken. When I inquired with the leasing office about giving them notice of when I was going to vacate, they instructed to let them know any time -- didn't advise that it had to be a 60-day notice. I had to pay for an additional month's rent at the market rate (which was $200 higher than my usual rate). Moved out after a year; left the apartment spotless, yet they kept my deposit and billed me an additional $80 for cleaning services and for painting. By law, aren't they supposed to paint an apt every 12 months at no cost to the renter? Never again...wish I had known about this site before.
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Villas at Tustin

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