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Bella Vista Apartments



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vadlamani.sai • Resident 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 11/22/2013
Place: A very nice and quiet neighborhood-Nicely maintained.Interiors are good. A fully functional kitchen and a large washer dryer unit. The wardrobes are very accommodating and nicely ventilated place. Cost: On the higher end but when compared to other places in that location , it is a good price one is paying for a good place Staff: A very mixed experience here. The maintenance staff is very promo with fixing anything within 24 hours but the problem was with the the leasing office staff.. they not good at communicating rent details and when one is due for how much. I had to pay a lump sum in advance as a security deposit in Oct. For Nov rent , when I approached the leasing office , I specifically enquired how much I owed as part of rent and by when. I was told the initial lump sum will take care of Nov rent and I had nothing to pay. Five days later, I get an email from the same person saying I did not pay my Nov rent and a $50 fine! I decided to escalate the matter , since it was their mistake, the late fee was waived off but given I had to pay my rent the last minute with little planning, I decided to pay it online...and the transaction fee was $25 !! It was a total rip off for their lack of communication! The staff simply apologized saying that the internal account system did not show the rent due correctly and that they cannot reimburse portal fee. I would have appreciated if they had done something to credit the unnecessary expense due to their bad communication. A very bad experience for the first month given everything else is great.
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Bella Vista Apartments

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