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Bella Vista Apartments



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ziningxiao • Prospective Resident 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/10/2015
If you are a new customer the Bella Vista Apartments website to find an apartment, never trust their floor plan! The floor plan they show on the website and the "real" floor plan are totally different! On August.16, I paid for the deposit after confirming with they representative about the floor plan A. When I visited the apartment that I reserved, it is actually a floor plan "Phase I", which you can never find on their website. What they claim to be a "Floor Plan A", is so confusing. Floor A: 566 Square Feet, Living Room 18'8'' * 12'4'', Bedroom 13'3'' * 10' Bathroom outside of the bedroom Floor Phase I (What they posted on the website also called "Floor A", lol..): Living Room 19'5'' * 13'6'', Bedroom 10' * 9'5'', Bathroom inside the bedroom. And you can hardly find their tiny words on the floor plan screenshot saying that "Renderings are intended only as general reference..." Below is the email I wrote to their manager " This is XXXX, I have an issue upon today's home inspection with xxxxx. The email below is my apartment confirmation information (XX-101) after I paid the deposit on Aug.16. We can see that this is a Plan A apartment. When I was here with xxxxx, we found that the floor turns out to be Phase 1 (attached) and it was totally different with the floor plan you posted online. Indeed, phase I is never shown online! We do understand that you have mentioned on the bottom of the picture with extremely tiny font size saying that "Renderings are intended only as general reference...", but we made a phone call before we paid the deposit, in order to confirm with your representative that we need a bathroom outside of the bedroom. After we confirmed with the representative, we chose floor plan A. What's more, we found that floor plan H is even cheaper on Aug.16 (below 2200 USD/month), but the bathroom is inside the bedroom, thus the reason why we chose floor A is because your representative confirmed with us that XX-101 has a bathroom inside the bedroom. But he/she does not mention that the XX-101 plan A is a very special "plan A" or that is in fact a "Phase I" floor plan. However, we found that it is actually a Phase I floor plan from your internal files, which is never found online and looks like a "larger studio" like Vivian said today. In addition, we had a look at floor plan H, and it is much butter than the XX-101. We think that you should review the phone call on Aug.16 and give us an explanation, at least we paid for the deposit and made the decision under the guidance of your representative. We also understand that you do not have a plan A available currently, so we are OK if you can switch us to a plan H with the same rate or you make some concession on the current rate and we will keep this plan. We look forward to your reply. " Their Reply" We can happily transfer your deposit to a Plan H apartment of your choosing but we will not be able to give you the rental price that you currently have with XX-101. Please review the available units on our website and let us know which apartment you would like to transfer the deposit to. Please keep in mind that the pricing changes daily, so you will want to let us know as soon as possible. If you choose to stay with your Plan A, we will not be able to make any concession towards your rental rate. Lastly, if you choose that neither of the above options work for you, we have been given permission to refund your deposit to you. This will not include the application fees as we have already processed the application at this time. Please let us know which option you would like to choose as quickly as possible so that we can move forward. Thank you. " They are cheating online. They never give explanations or even excuses.
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Bella Vista Apartments

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