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Bella Vista Apartments



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guralscout100 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/11/2005
I have been here 6 months and am looking forward to my lease being up in 3 months. Unfortunately I leave underneath "The Stompers", and being that I worj from home it has become almost unbearable to be here. I can also hear when the people next door play their movies loud, I mean I can hear so clearly I can usually recognize what movie they are watching. I had some issues when I first moved in with the woman who showed me the apartment. She lied about everything. I was supposed to have one of the updated apartments, didn;t happen. She said the utilities were about $25/month, which can be the case except you have to pay both the City of Santa Clara and also the apartment complex. I have never had to pay double utilities ever, and both are usually around $35-45 and I live alone. Parking is, interesting. My spot is 2 buildings over which is not easy when you have groceries, etc. Not to mention a lot of the guest parking is taken up by residents who leave the same vehicles parked in spots for months. Not to mention when I first moved in I complained about my spot and the "liar" told me I could change as spots became available. I befriended a neighbor who was moving out and had prime parking in front of my building and when I went to go swap spots I was told they don't do that. I will say I have had very positive experiences with the maintenance crew. Plus the grounds are beautifully kept. However I have found that 1 of the 2 hot tubs is rarely hot and sometimes the water seems very dirty in both the hot tubs and the pools. I can't say i would recommend this place I am looking forward to moving out but a lot of my animosity is due to the fact I was completely lied to when I first came in about almost everything.
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Bella Vista Apartments

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