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Station 101



Resident · 2000 - 2003
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Office Staff
I consider Station 101 as an average apartment complex. The units are spacious and the rent is competitive. As a matter of fact, my rent was recently reduced to meet the average rent in the valley. <br> <br>The walls are thin so you can hear what your neighbors are watching on TV or what they´re listening to on the radio. But then again, this is normal in any apartment dwelling that I stayed at. <br> <br>Yes, there was a point when the alarm would regularly sound off. But, honestly, I can´t remember the last time it happened. <br> <br>My only complaint is the odor that is evident throughout the complex. The smell of curry lingers during the mornings, afternoons and nights. With the apartment´s structure being enclosed, there´s no way for the curry odor to leave the apartment complex or for fresh air to come in. (It´s hard to get used to. Sometime, I would hold my breath until I reach my apartment and this is no lie.) <br> <br>The majority of residents here are Hindu ------- which explains for the curry odor. I would say that they represent about 70% to 80% of the renters. Besides the smell, they are really kind-hearted people. The remainding consist of different nationalities. <br> <br>As far as management, they have been courteous, professional and nice. Every time I needed repairs, they were always there. <br> <br>Would I recommend for someone to move here? Sure, I think I get $100 for a referral. The only advice I have for anyone who´s not used to the smell of curry is keep your windows and doors closed any buy the strongest air freshner.
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Station 101

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