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Santee Villas



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/07/2007
The only reason I am putting up with this apartment is for the convience of my son being able to attend Santana High and that he can have his cat. The washer is a small help. But between the horrid mail service, the mgmt. not caring because I live on the outer edge of the complex. Which by the way I have been for 2 yrs. now. The building had to be be built in the 1970's. The glass is thin and you can feel the temps. There is no padding under the carpeting, the brick by the fireplace are painted over white. The tile in the masterbath well it was piled over the old & you can see the pattern of the old underneath. The cabinets are great if you want to dislocate your shoulder or elbow using them for the 2 cans worth of groceries. I don't believe there is any drywall to tell you the truth, just frame and tape with drywall mud was used. Found that out when I put my couch against the wall when I moved in and the wall gave in. I called to have the burnt out fan above my stove fixed and the non speaking english maintence guy replaced the cord on the dining room ceiling fan instead. Even though the broken parts were in clear view on the stove. And yes I to was exposed to the non informative grey cans that were placed on the firemantle to not be disturbed for 24 hrs and given no reason as to why they did it. I miss the previous mgmt. firm that owned the place they seemed to give a damn. R & what the heck ever they call themselves leave a great deal to be desired. Did I mention the formula for the water bill we pay? It is based on how many people live in the apt. plus how many apts. to a building and then Helix Water sends the bill to Santee Villas every other month in which Santee Villas sends out to ISTA in Georgia who then gets around to sending the bill which oh yeah I get paid on the first of the mth since I work for the state of CA and my bill is due on the 3rd. Apparently Santee Villas can pay to heat the water but that is it. Last I heard we may have to pay for the trash seperately to. Would I recommend you live here, ahhhhh NO! But hey up to you. Peace!
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Santee Villas

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