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Sunbay Suites Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2005
I stayed in a SunBay corporate apartment for one month. My general ratings are below, but the bad parts are:<br><br>1) Thin walls as others have mentioned. I had been waken up several nights by a neighbor talking on the phone at a normal/slightly above normal volume...I could hear EVERYTHING even though my bed was not against the adjoining wall. Also, a lot of college students are in the complex, i.e. noise by nature.<br><br>2) The "exercise facility" SUCKS! <br>a) The facility is open from 9-9 so if you have a regular job you can't workout before work. You are also limited in the amount of time you can workout during the weekdays if you want dinner.<br>b) The exercise room is filled with EXTREMELY antiquated equipment. The treadmills are not of running quality (not enough shock absorption, look fragile), there is one decent stair-climber (out of 2), the weight machines use 6-setting HYDRAULICS, and the dumbells range from 1-15 pounds (yes that is fifteen!) You can tell the age of the equipment by the human posters on the walls, circa 1970s or early 80s, pretending to play sports.<br><br>3) There are 2 laundry areas with 4 washers and 4 dryers...a really low number given the number of tenants.<br><br>4) Don't even THINK about getting a loft. Here's the deal, the bathroom is on the 1.5 floor...to utilize the other space the original architects put a crawl (I do mean CRAWL) space under the bathroom for storage. Above the bathroom is the bedroom closet, in order to facilitate the bathroom ceiling the closet is divided into two levels, the first has ~2 foot rods on the left and right sides and then the rest of the closet (more like storage space) has to be traversed by using a ladder due to a 4-foot wall (I AM NOT KIDDING). Oh, and you'd better have a small bed if you want to fit a dresser in the bedroom (unless you get it up the closet wall).<br><br>Historically the apartments were Fort Ord military family housing...i.e. the winning contractor was the lowest bidder.<br><br>In summary, DON'T live here.
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Sunbay Suites Apartments

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