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Summer View At Sherman Oaks



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bluekitti9 • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/13/2005
Summer View advertises its premises as "luxury living." I have lived here for almost a year, and it is anything but.<br>For one, when I moved in, the oven did not work. It took them 4 weeks to fix this problem. In the meantime, I had to cook via stovetop or barbecue outside.<br>The place is infested with roaches.<br>My mailbox broke four weeks ago, and it has yet to be fixed. I have repeatedly asked for it to be fixed, but the management staff never gives a straight answer as to when it will be fixed, if ever. I have to get my mail between the hours of 9 and 5, the hours the office is open.<br>The spas have not worked since I have lived here, though the apartment complex continues to advertise spas.<br>Work orders I placed when moving in here in December of 2004 have yet to be fixed in September 2005. Even when the maintenance staff decides to fill a work order, it is rarely done correctly and must be re-done.<br>The stairwells are disgusting and filthy.<br>There is dog defecation everywhere, and while the apartment complex advertises they supply bags to pick up the defecation, I have never seen bags in the dispenser.<br>There was blood in the pool and sidewalks from an "incident" that occured a couple months ago. It took the staff two days to clean it up.<br>Parking is horrible, and some of the parking spaces the complex provide are in dangerous areas. For example, one spot is next to the dumpster and actually caught on fire and exploded from something in the dumpster a couple of months ago.<br>The apartments do not come with central air or dishwashers, which I find interesting since I pay for luxury living. Hardwood floors are advertised, but there are no hardwood floors, only a little linoleum in the kitchen area designed to look like hardwood flooring.<br>I honestly feel that I got a raw deal when moving here. Things were advertised that are not here and haven't been here since moving in here. The complex is right next to the 101/405 interchange, meaning it's noisy always. I have talked to very few people who live here who actually enjoy their living space, and most are wanting to leave as soon as their leases are up. <br><br>I caution anyone reading this to get an apartment here. The sheer incompetence of the management staff is astounding.
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Summer View At Sherman Oaks

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