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Alisal Oaks



Resident · 2004 - 2009
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I have been an impeccable 5 year tenant at Alisal Oaks. Paid rent on time, never had any complaints from manager, or neighbors. When we first moved in,the place was impeccably maintained with strong rules and run by the manager's wife. As she became ill, her husband began to take over more and more and could not care for the place. While I agree with the former writer that if you play by the rules, he will leave you alone, as was my experience, you should be very aware that they are letting major health and safety codes going, have numerous violations. The manager is not pleasant at all and I am proud that I stayed on his good side and left the apartment in immaculate condition with a "clear" sign out. But I do feel that all prospective and current tenants need to know that there are several pending legal actions against the owner due to increased negligence on the property AND the fact that they have ignored approximately 30 written requests over a three year period to correct these health/safety violations and never had the courtesy to respond to one of them. They also have a reputation for when you move out not mailing your refund within the legally-allotted time (21 days). You are entitled to double your security refund if they don't get it back in this legal time. They are known for being weeks - and in some cases - MONTHS late in doing this. They (the owners) ignore honest and amicable attempts to report things and handle things directly. They ignore letters from attorneys. This is why they are being brought to court. I would not recommend Alisal Oaks as it is not the fine place it used to be when we moved in and everything was impeccable. Even current tenants are complaining it's looking more like a ------ - blankets and items thrown over balconies, loud music and so much more. It has even been noted that the current tenants feel the current manager is in the early stages of Alzheimers, may have a substance abuse problem and on top of it all is having to care for his wife, who is bed-ridden. Everyone has had compassion on them, but it doesn't change the fact the place is being run horribly. Everyone who gets involved with Alisal Oaks should know this before they get involved. There have been too many upstanding professional people in the community who had a great initial experience and then watched it go down and then apparently Alisal Oaks took advantage of them when they moved out. Other current tenants are afraid of the current manager - he can definitely come across as a bully - and are afraid to speak up.
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Alisal Oaks

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