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Palm Gate Apartments



Resident · 2014
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
First off, parking is horrible. The spaces are really narrow with neighbors who cant park for ----. Our brand new car has scratches and dents on both sides because our neighbors hit the car each time they go in and out of their car. I usually have to let passengers out before I park because they'll hit the other cars if they open their door. My biggest complaint are the kids in the neighborhood. Their parents dont give a crap what their kids do. They're always yelling, cursing, riding their bikes, throwing balls even though signs are up prohibiting such activities. They run up and down the stairway which causes an "earthquake" effect. You seriously feel the apartment shake when they do that. Irresponsible parents = irresponsible kids. When you do put in work orders, expect delays and crew not showing up on time. Also, even when you don't give them permission to come in, they do it anyway. I was upset but didn't look like anything was missing or broken so I just left it. I could tell because we always lock up when we leave and when we got home, only the wood door was locked (just the bottom lock and we have a screen door) the staff is horrible except for Cindy. Oh yeah, bathroom is kind of gross with moulds and bacteria growing. This place would be nice if they offered bigger parking spaces, no ------ people and responsible parents who tells their kids to go home after 8pm. There's also non residents who comes into the property to dig through trash or hang out which is annoying. Glad we moved out months ago.
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Palm Gate Apartments

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