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IMT Stevenson Ranch

25399 The Old Road

Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381



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Verified Resident 471996 2017 Recommended
Reviewed 04/04/2018
First apartment i occupied was in the 2nd. It AWEFUL!!! very noisey and it took nearly 6months beforei was able to move to an upper unit. The upper unit have a serious flooring issue that everytime an occupant upstair walk, it sounded that 4th July in my aprtment with all firework taking off everywhere. Literally its that loud. I wiah i can upload my recording of the noise for everyone to hear. I normally get home from work past midnight and dont go to bed between 2am -4am within 2-3 hours of falling asleep, i was awaken but these horribly loud noise . It was horrible beuond words thats sometimes i sat and cry because i was exhausted and cant even get a decent sleep. It took a lot of complaining to the leasing office before they even check my place ti verify that the noise existed. Within months i got so sick. I have never been so sick before but i guess when you are work a lot and get sleep deprived your immune system simply goes down and you get sick. I missed one week of work!!! I would recommend this place only if u occupy an upper unit and and only if there designated smoking and non-smoking buldings
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IMT Stevenson Ranch

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