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IMT Stevenson Ranch

25399 The Old Road

Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/13/2018
I lived at the Summit for two years. I have three major complaints about my time there. 1. They house smokers and non-smokers in the same buildings even though there are 24 buildings available. This means that, even if you indicate on your rent agreement that you are a non-smoker, you may find yourself (as I did) surrounded by chain smokers. When I complained about this (my son is asthmatic), they told me I could move into another unit, but they would not subsidize my moving costs and could not guarantee that my neighbors would be non-smokers. 2. When I moved in, the Summit was a small dog apartment complex. The dog owners formed a tight community of friends. However, in January of 2018, the Summit decided to allow dogs of all sizes to live there. They only notified us in a very long email, wherein the dog-size change was a small mention buried deep at the bottom. In other words, most small dog owners felt blindsided by this change. Many of the large dog owners had unsocialized and violent dogs, and the Summit did nothing to intervene against these monsters. For small dog owners, it became dangerous to spend much time in the community park, one of our formerly favorite meeting places. 3. When I moved in, the quality of my unit was quite poor, especially in the bathroom. The bathroom was tiled with stick-on slabs, which were also used inside the tiny vanity cabinet. The vanity's countertop was an ancient Formica piece that had likely been there since the Summit community originally opened. These things were disappointing at the high cost I paid, but they were not deal breakers. However, when I moved out, the Summit charged me to redo that bathroom. I had not damaged it in any way, but they had (finally) realized it needed updating. However, rather than doing the ethical thing and using their own funds for this update, they charged me approx. $300. I tried to dispute this charge, both locally and with the headquarters, and they refused to give me the necessary paperwork, constantly claiming that I needed to contact someone else (i.e., sending me on a wild goose chase). After a couple of months of this back-and-forth, I decided to pay the fine simply so I could move on and separate myself from their toxicity. However, a month after I sent the check, they gave a collections agency my personal information. Residents, do not be fooled! Just because the people in your local leasing office are friendly does not mean that the company they work for is! Stay away from Greystar and its new owner IMT!
IMT Stevenson Ranch Manager10/22/2018

Hello, Although you moved out while the community was still under Greystar, I wanted to address your comments. The community is not a smoke-free property but here at IMT, we would address the nuisance with the homes in our community in hopes that the person would realize they were bothering their neighbor. The community may have had a weight or size restrictions but with those with ADA or companion animals do not have to meet those restrictions, as they are protected by Fair Housing laws. Security deposits are used towards unpaid rent, damages caused by the resident and not normal wear and tear. Unfortunately, if you moved out prior to IMT Residential taking over the community, we would not have your move out paperwork or deposit, so that would have be handled with Greystar directly. Thank you. Valerie ' Community Manager

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IMT Stevenson Ranch

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