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IMT Stevenson Ranch

25399 The Old Road

Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381



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Alex_H617 • Resident 2018 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/19/2019
DO NOT MOVE HERE! I feel like a prisoner! The Manager is a liar and HATES the tenants! That's why she's not available on the weekends and doesn't open her door until 9:30am when most people are at work. I asked her to please keep the lawnmowers and leaf blowers from starting until 9am. Currently they are outside my window at 8am waking me up since I work late. Instead of seeing what she could do she bit my head off and said that she has every legal right to start the at 7am and that I'm lucky that they start at 8am. I was so angry at the lack of disrespect since I am a client, that I wrote my first negative review on Yelp. 3 days later she left me a message saying how she got them to start at another side of the complex. I was dumb enough to believe her. Then 3 days later the lawn mower was again right out my window waking me up at 8am. So now I know you can't believe a word she says. Which brings me to describe my next horrifying experience. I was accosted by a tenant up at the playground. I was sitting there with my dogs and she came at me with her cell phone camera rolling and she got in my face about my dogs. My face at the time was black and blue and swollen due to the dental surgery I just had and this lady was filming me. She proceeded to taunt me all the way back to my apartment. I immediately went to the manager office but the manager wasn't there because God forbid she work on the weekend. This tenant continued to stock and harass me. I AM LIVING IN FEAR AND THE MANAGER REFUSED TO MOVE ME INTO ANOTHER UNIT AWAY FROM THIS CRAZY LADY! The manager did bring us into the office and I thought this issue was resolved, but now that the Manager lied about the lawnmowers, I am afraid that this issue is not resolved, so I AM BACK TO LIVING IN FEAR FOR MYSELF, MY DOGS, MY HUSBAND AND MY CARS!!! The incident was so bad that I am now boarding my dogs up in Big Bear where I own a home. In a 500 unit complex, which isn't full, why couldn't she move us? It's because she HATES the tenants! I cannot wait until my lease is up in November. I will NEVER rent from IMT again! Deciding to live here was THE WORST decision I have ever made. We are also in an "upgraded" unit. The cheep flooring they used is cracking and breaking at the seams, and the blinds have been broken since before we moved in and they never fixed them. The washing machine was old and ruined the brand new bedding we bought, and the manger refused to re-imburse us for them. It took a few months but we finally got a new washer, but meanwhile we have a lot of damaged and stained clothes. So do yourself a favor and save yourself from a lot of heart ache by NOT MOVING HERE!
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IMT Stevenson Ranch

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