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Parc Chateaux



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/27/2010
I decided to pick this apartment complex over others that were close in rent, even though it had fewer amenities because I only needed a temporary place to live. The apartment is fine, nothing glamorous. It has a washer and dryer stacked combo, so forget about using your own. Each unit comes with a garage, but they mandate you use it for parking your vehicle. There is covered and uncovered parking as well. You will pay for covered parking. The complex offers a pool, however floating hair may end up on you or in your hand during peak usage as they don't run the pump enough. To be fair, it is cleaned daily although not very well. The gym consists of some tread mills, cycles, climbers, some weights, and few machines. The lighting system in the gym is setup to conserve energy, but if you're not moving around it will shut off on you. The complex is well maintained. The drawl back is the lack of privacy. They repeatedly come up with inspections to perform. Also, they will not permit you to schedule these inspection with the them so you can be present, they do it when they want. This will include your garage. If they don't like what they see in your garage, they'll write you up for a discrepancy. There are sone larger dogs on the property the property managers said were no allowed. They don't seem to enforce this rule. Finally, if you're only planning to be there temporary, sign the shortest lenght lease possible which is 4 months. They will tell you there is a possibility of a rate hike after your lease expires but the max is 10%. when I signed my lease I explained to them I was buying a house and this was only temporary but they really didn't offer any advise so I elected for 6 months. I found a house earlier than I thought I would and when I went to tell them I needed to get out of my lease, they basically said I had to give them 4 months rent and they will NOT work with you on this AT ALL. They explained in the past they had forced someone who lost use of their legs to buy their entire lease out, despite the fact that the person could no longer live there. This place may be good if you're single or just married with small kids, you're planning to live there long term, and you don't have much furniture. It is in a good area and the schools are top notch.
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Parc Chateaux

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