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Parc Chateaux



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/08/2011
I'll keep it short and sweet...... 1. The ----- (and I call them ----- because of their inadequate way to speak or act professionally in any way or from, especially the property manager, man what a ----) in the office. They're all nice and sweet once they get your money. Forget about any type of customer service after that....I was in the office once talking to one of the leasing consultants up front and the property manager and assistant property manager were in the office talking ---- about a resident! I could totally hear them!!!! 2. The "quality" of people that live on the property......all scum....trash everywhere....people DO NOT pick up after their dogs....Want to make a complaint about the trashyness of the property? They DO NOT care...NOTHING will ever be done. They have a program called "affordable housing" whatever that is...... so it brings in all of the low income trash from surrounding neighborhoods. 3. The pool is FREEZING......They will not heat it. It's not in their budget....Thats what they actually tell you!! The water doesn't even get warm in the 100 degree weather in August. Forget about using the spa to relax.....Every time i've been there, there are about 10 children jumping in and out of it.....Management does nothing. 4. Expect a notice on your front door EVERY MONTH stating they need to enter your apartment for some sort of reason. You DO NOT have the option to tell them they don't have permission to enter...Its in your lease....They made me very aware of this when I called and stated I prefer for them not to come in. 5. PARKING IS A NIGHTMARE!!! Most households have more than one car....They give you one space! Your garage......If you want another spot (which will be located either 2 buildings down or on the opposite end of the property) it will cost you $35 a month!! Forget entertaining or having guests over. 6. THE WALLS ARE SO THIN....you can hear everything ( and I mean EVERYTHING, eew ) from your apt. If you have someone living above you, and your neighbor is lightly walking, it still sounds like someone is herding cattle above your apt. They lie to you and tell you the walls and flooring are "sound" when you tour. I am sooo disappointed in Parc Chateaux.....At first glance it has so much potential.....Then you meet the office staff and understand why the property is the way it is. Lessee beware of the Manager.....Makes me wonder -------------------------------------------------- is professionally.
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Parc Chateaux

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