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Parc Chateaux



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/28/2013
WARNING: stay away from this place unless you want to get ripped off and waste your time and money! For the past month, I had been trying to get an apartment here with my sister. We used to live here about a year ago and had to move to another place. We had been trying to move back, but there had never been any available apts within our price range. When we were here, we were paying about $1400 for a 3rd floor unit with a pool view. Since then, their prices have raised $200 or more for the exact same model, without a view and not even on the 3rd floor. They had a unit available for $1605 if we qualified for the lower income program (which we did before). The first girl that helped us (-----) was very nice and we told her we used to live there and said there shouldn t be any problems with getting the unit. We were happy and confident everything was going to go smoothly. Unfortunately, it turned into a complete nightmare. First off, it took weeks for them to get back to us about the credit check. They wanted us to pay $3,000 upfront, a high pro-rate and then the rest of the rent 2 weeks later. Since we were applying for the lower income program in the first place, we let them know that was a lot upfront and if there was anything they could do. -----, the girl who helped us first, told us we could talk to the manager ----- and to come in. We then called again and spoke to --------, who has always been rude, and she asked if we had an appointment, we said no we didn t know we needed one, and then she asked if this was regarding the move in price. She then said ----- told her to tell us no from her office and ----- the MANAGER didn t even bother to get on the phone with us. It s really surprising she is the manager, since she didn t want to give us any of her precious time, but whenever she did she talked down to us constantly. Since the price was ridiculous and we were being treated like dirt, we decided we would just cancel the whole thing. We went in and spoke to --------- who was nice and we told her we wanted to cancel. She seemed surprised and was willing to help us. ----- was there and gave us a story about how she didn t talk to us because there was nothing she could do and she was on a conference call or something. That does not excuse her for brushing us off as we are potential and past tenants and were very interested in renting the apartment. Do they not want clients? Anyways, she worked out a payment where we would pay half on the move in day and the rest later in the month. That s ALL they had to do was work with us and we were happy. This is about a month later and we still had not heard back if we qualified for the lower income program. They all assured us multiple times that it would be ok and we would qualify. Then, weeks later we finally hear back from ----- and she says that we over qualify and the girl who submitted our information put it in wrong. So we were irritated that one: it took FOREVER to hear back if we qualified two: we kept having to follow up with THEM and keep filling out forms, and they didn t even submit the form correctly .three: we had to deal with 2 girls there extremely unpleasant unprofessional attitudes including the manager herself. My sister and I were nothing but pleasant, they might have been irritated with us because they are just used to people shelling out money with no questions asked. So needless to say, since we didn t qualify even after them assuring us we would, we cancelled. They then said that our $99 holding fee was non refundable and we would not get that back. Um, what? We aren t even getting the apartment, why would they keep $99 of our money? Where would that even go to? By this time we REALLY had it with them. They called back and then said we could get it back. Ridiculous. So that s our horrible STRESSFUL experience with them. And of course, they never apologized for anything. It s really unfortunate that they treat people this way, especially their previous tenants. I guess that means nothing to them. So if you are looking to move here, do not expect any helpful our courteous service from them. They will string you along for weeks and give you bad attitudes unless you are willing to give them money up front that same day. I hope they realize that they are selling people a place to LIVE, it s serious and they should have top notch customer service and be on top of their ----. Their company is very unorganized. It really is a shame because the apartments are beautiful, but their management services are despicable and some agents are downright nasty. We will definitely take our business elsewhere as there are plenty of nice complexes in this town with friendly helpful agents. Never trying to move back here again nor will I recommend this place to anybody.
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Parc Chateaux

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