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Westpointe One Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/23/2012
My husband and I have rented from them about 2 years ago. When we First moved into the complex the staff was very nice. Anything that needed fixture they took care of it right away but once we had been there for a couple of months they did not fix the problem until 1-2 weeks later or sometimes they forget and never show up. We ended up having to call them again to remind them! Parking is very close to one another. Sometimes u can't get out of the car unless u open it to touch the car that's parked right next to it. We actually had a problem with the upstairs tenants who constantly fights and argue every day. They have bad habits of smoking their cigarrettes and throwing their cig butts into our patio downstairs and we had complained about it numerous of times to the manager and staff. So far they have done nothing but said that they will talk to them and send out letters, after a few times it still continued. We complained again, the manager did nothing. I called demanding to talk to Alicia and she would always ignore me. I've came into the office to talk to her after she had told me to on the phone, once I got there she said she don't have time! She's in a meeting! But yet I see her lazy --- sit in her office doing nothing like always! I've now become very angry and frustrated! My husband and I decided to move out because we've done all that we've can . And they are still messing up! We have not gotten our statements of the deposits refund. It's now 23 days calendar days and state law requires them to mail it out to the former tenants within 21 calendar days! I've called them and the said that they did sent it out a month ago ! Wow! I've demanded to know the exact date they had sent it! She couldn't even tell me an exact date. First she told me in early June then she changed it to the middle of May then she changed her story again to the beginning of may! Giving me the BS runarounds just to buy them time to send out the statement! We had enough of their bs when We lived there and after we had moved out we're still dealing with their bs. What kind of business are they running! I would not recommend this place to anyone!
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Westpointe One Apartments

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