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Avana Sunnyvale Apartments

355 North Wolfe Road

Sunnyvale, CA 94086

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skywalk • Resident 2000 - 2001 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/05/2001
It is now called Avalon Parkside. <br> <br>While my apartment was within walking distance from work (before they dot.bombed), that was about the single best amenity. The complex itself was fairly well maintained and the apartments were in good shape. I also don´t remember hearing that much noise in the evening as other posters mentioned. <br> <br>When I moved in, there was a microwave in the unit. Unfortunately, it was broken. When I talked to the manager about replacing it, she told me that it was originally a ´gift´ to the first tenant and they wouldn´t replace it. Well, if it´s broken, remove it. They didn´t do that either. <br> <br>This is the thing that chaps me the most... <br> <br>On moveout, be prepared to hand over at least 50% of your deposit for even one tackhole in the wall. They charged me for painting and carpet cleaning. I was only in there for 6 months. These two items are considered illegal if deducted from the deposit. These are wear and tear items and are not to be charged by landlords under California law. The only way I could have fought this was in small claims court. Not worth the hassle for <$200 (and they know it). It´s not as though this complex wasn´t making a MINT off of each apartment. They couldn´t afford to clean it themselves? Can you say GREEDY? <br> <br>BEWARE of Avalon communities, this might be a management wide policy. I won´t live in another Avalon managed community. I highly suggest you also consider otherwise. That is, unless you enjoy having your deposit snagged illegally. I would especially avoid this complex.
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Avana Sunnyvale Apartments

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