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Cascades Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/17/2007
Hi,<br><br>We have been here for some time now.<br>I must say that I like the place, no major issues.<br>It is probably a bit noisy in the inside (by the play ground cause of kids but come on they are kids -:)<br>If you have kids they would probably get good company.<br>I must say the Washer and Dryer has spoiled me, I now cannot think of living in a place without W/D hookups. <br>They gave us W/D free when we moved in...but after the least was over had to pay 35$ per month for the W/D when we renewed the new lease...<br><br>Cascades had issues having a manager, all the manager kept leaving in a short time period.<br>I think they now have a manager who has been here for some time and might be here to stay for some time...Lorena...<br><br>I must say she is pretty strict and that many might not appriciate...I too have not liked at times...but again guess you need to be strict to be a good manager...<br>She made kids stop playing with thier bikes in the parking lot, which is good in a way as it is a safety issue.<br>But then she forces you to remove you DISH network antena if they are on the roof...that is ok as far as you do not have a monoply with some crook cable guy...some direct tv dealer I beleive. That is not good..I have heard that Cascades management has filed a case against that cable guy to get out of contract with him...I do not know if this is true as one of the managers here had told me this verbally...<br><br>If you want to move in and need DISH network (you cannot get comcast here) then please have that cleared IN WRITING.<br><br><br>Yes, if you have any questions then it is best to get the answers in writing (which is good just anywhere not just Cascades).<br><br>They do not have gym/clubhouse.<br><br>They are costly and that is because they are in cupertino school district...again the reny every where is pretty high now-a-days...<br><br>One more thing I love about this place is that it is right in the heart of the city and still not too much noise from trafic...I though had some issues with the <br>emergency Fire trucks sirens (I am alight sleeper)...but guess I got used to it -:)<br><br>Over all I like the place...and would not mind recommending it so someone..<br><br><br>Some of the tenants who go to the play area with thier kids kind of at times think that they own the place...-:) it is like a gang at times...-:) anywas, I do not go there much as we do not have kids and so do not care...<br><br>All the best...hope my review helps...
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Cascades Apartments

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