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Cherry Blossom Apartments

924 Mangrove Ave

Sunnyvale, CA 94086



Resident · 2000 - 2009
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Office Staff
I know firsthand that there is much going on unbeknownst to new and prospective tenants. At first there was an outstanding on-site manager, -----, until his untimely departure. The "new" management (FPI) is all about their "profit experience" not your "living experience." That means from ------------------, the lazy, inattentive on-site manager, right on up the ladder. They make you sign a lease agreement with so many pages that it looks like a Senate bill. All those pages are filled with loopholes that allow them to steal your hard-earned money. You know when they say they need to do a semi-annual home inspection, and they enter your apartment when you are not home? Well...that is just a pretense to invade your privacy and take an inventory of what repairs they can charge you for when you move out. As an earlier "Reviewer" commented, there is no security. There was an on-site robbery which the suspect covered up by setting fire to part of the complex (you can confirm this with the Sunnyvale police department at http://sunnyvale.ca.gov/Departments/Public Safety). Numerous people have had their vehicles broken into and the lights for the carports and uncovered parking frequently go out. In the past, the original management had issues with a few drug dealers living in the complex and there were sounds of gun shots in or around the complex during that time. This apartment complex is no stranger to violence. There is no management presence around the complex, so people feel free to violate the rules and do whatever they want. Finding a parking space can be difficult for your visitors, since people from surrounding housing routinely park in spaces reserved for tenants, also a result from a lack of management presence. This place seems like a motel at times, due to a very high turnover rate. In the past there were no problems with pests. However, there are now very large roaches roaming about the premises; possibly due to some tenants leaving their garbage on their front patio area for multiple days. There is a problem with noise from unit to unit, due to a lack of sound proofing, unruly tenants, and ------------------, the inattentive, lazy on-site manager's unwillingness to enforce rules. Although the rental rate is competitive, there are things to consider. I stayed in the past due to the reasonable rates, but needless to say, that is no longer a motivator. Caveat Emptor - Let the buyer beware!
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Cherry Blossom Apartments

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