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Crescent Manor



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Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/05/2005
We stayed in a 1B/1B from 2004-2005. The apartment is <br>pretty spacious and in a prime location (walking distance<br>to parks, el-camino shopping). It has good trees and nice <br>garden.<br><br>We had a tough time handling the manager Frances Salinas. <br>She is ready to pick a fight and always yells at the loudest of her voice. <br>I agree with the sentiments expressed by others here about Fran.<br><br>Right after moving in, I was told that I had to pay for<br>a telephone jack fixing. In the end of the lease, she was<br>determined to charge us as much as possible for repairs. There<br>were a few drops of turmeric stain in the carpet near kitchen<br>(its a stupidity that they have carpet in the dining area). It<br>was just a few weeks old and my research on the internet said<br>it comes off on cleaning (someone even suggested using a simple<br>pharmacy item 3 percent hydrogen peroxide). But Fran told us<br>she has to replace the carpet in the whole apartment and charged us.<br>The apartment has a big deposit ($800) and I think they are keen<br>on taking it away for various repairs. I was given charges for<br>blind cleaning, kitchen counter top replacement.<br><br>They have some amenities -- like pool, tennis courts. I didn't<br>use them; so can't comment.<br><br>Anyway the bottom line is -- Fran can give you free headaches<br>and boost your stress levels. She is very good at spoiling your<br>day and time. I'm very happy that I'm out of that place.<br>Currently I'm taking the apartment management to small claims court<br>to get my deposit back. The charges are unreasonable and the<br>management can't get a free upgrade for their apartment on my back.<br>I am fine to lose the $22 court application fees and my time<br>and gas for my car irrespective of what the Judge says.
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Crescent Manor

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