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nasmazer • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/14/2007
I have lived here for 10 months now. We just got a notice from the rental office. Guess what? No reduction in rent after lease ends...in fact, the rent will increase more than what we are paying now. Very unreasonable...elsewhere, people are lowering the rental. <br><br>It used to be pretty quiet when we first moved in. Now, they are just too many kids around that cries morning and night. <br><br>Patio area...gosh...too many leaves falling around. Can't seem to keep it clean. And I experienced one incident before. Their worker climbed up the roof of the apartment to clean all the dried leaves that were accumulating on top of the roof. Guess what? They swept all the leaves to my patio. <br><br>The apartment is not well lit especially in the kitchen area. It's pretty dark. You need to switch on the light even as early as 4 p.m. Not enough windows. <br><br>Water pressure isn't great too. Once in a while you will see ants climbing out around your bathrub and also in the bedroom...they climbed out from the switch and plug. <br><br>Rent does not include ANYthing. You need to pay for trash, water, etc. <br><br>Postman is lousy. I have a few packages that were lost. Either that, you get a pink slip requesting you to go to the post office to pick up because "Sorry!! We missed you" eventhough you are at home the whole day. Rental office does not want to accept big packages for you too. <br><br>Be sure your car has an alarm eventhough this is a gated community. Don't want to get your car stolen. Believe me. You are listening to a person whose car was stolen right here at this property. <br><br>During the winter, cold air gets into your room from the window because it's not double pane. Air-cond in the living room only cools that area but not the bedrooms. Very useless.<br>
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Grove Apartments

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