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Grove Apartments



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muusermohammed • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/04/2007
I agree with all the negative reviews about this apartment complex. I lived in this complex from early 2003 until a few months ago and would not recommend it to anyone. The staff are downright mean and unfriendly. Everyone there is in it to make as much money off you as possible. Do not expect a security deposit back no matter how well you take care of the place. And unless you're on the 2nd floor the noise is horrendous - thin walls and I thought my upstairs neighbor was going to stomp through my ceiling every night. There are MUCH better places in the same area for the same price if not better. This apartment is a scam...<br><br>Hidden fees, bad management.<br>You'll be hit by hidden fees. There's fees to get your garbage taken away. They won't mention either of the fees until after you've signed the 40 page lease in legal mumbo jumbo which is so expansive that no matter what you do, you're still in violation of something.<br>The management is terrible. The management also constantly changes. For about 2 months, we had good management. I miss those 60 days. Once a month, you'll get some note on your door demanding that you do something about the managemement's whining du jour. From moving your car so it's not backed into the parking space (the latest!), to keeping your balcony clean, to having your car cleaned, to complaining about you putting out plants in front of your door, etc, etc, etc. It never ends and everybody gets the notices. Management isn't happy unless you're not and the management changes a lot, so the rules change too, arbitrarily and often. Oh, and if you get a package delivered, and management signs for it, and they lose it - too bad!<br><br>Once management gave a 48 hour notice that said they were coming in to inspect the apartments and also stated in the same note that you couldn't schedule it for a particular time, and it was their legal right to enter, and there was nothing you could do about it. It was very offensive. The management is rude and horrible. They must go through great trouble to find such freaking dicks.<br>The rent is also always going up.<br>If you need to talk to the management, good luck, they are frequently out of the office during their stated hours. I once waited two hours for them to freaking show up during their core hours.<br>For some reason the management thinks conformity is essential so you're not allowed to put out plants on your balcony much or just put stuff up. This is bizarre to me.<br>The turn over is enormous. Barely anybody stays after a year. I like the people here, but I hate the management.<br>
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Grove Apartments

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