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Reed Square Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/30/2010
1) Manager was nice before you sign lease docs, of-course initial two weeks too. 2) There supposed to be two managers on site, you will always see one only, i.e Linda, she is very co-operative if you the guy who don't ask anything and just listen to her; hey don't even think to ask anything related to property issues. 3) If they say minor repair to property don't be surprised to see a removed roof of your unit; not kidding to say, I was surprised to see my unit one fine evening with out roof ( I got a notice two weeks before saying that minor repair to roof and there will some repair guys will be on roof, that it) 4) they replace the roof while you are in your unit; without taking any minimum precautions like covering your furniture 5) There is one nice maintaince guy, he refuses initially about the problem; hey you have to be very patient about explaining the problem or show him a demo then he fix it. 5) last and more important, you will never get your deposit back; if you want your deposit back just sign the lease and pay the rent properly and just don't live in you apartment; units are very old if you live in there 1000% chances are there you damage the old units and you have obligated to pay 100% property damage. Forgot to say:- I seen five incidents in one year where manager and tenants arguing each other very loudly, one tenant even almost called 911 to complain on manager.
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Reed Square Apartments

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