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Reed Square Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/25/2012
The apartment complex is going down fast! Yes it's old, but doesn't mean it has to be so unpleasant to live there. Let me give you my issues: 1) termites! They claimed to have someone 'treat' the bugs, but they don't do a thing. I've had termites drop from the celining (2nd floor apt) and see their excrement in various areas. Nasty! 2) Trash: This may not be an issue directly related to management, residents have become slobs. It would be nice if people actually put the trash IN THE TRASH CAN. Trash is all over the place, feels like a dump. Management needs to enforce some rules 2) Parking: Again, residents are rude, I have gotten into some heated conversations because people always park in my spot as if they own it. Do they not get that part of my rent pays for the parking spot? And you can't tow any cars without managements approval, but management is never on site/available. Pointless. 4) Disregard for fire zone; people park their car anywhere they please. We have people parking their car overnight in the red zones. Just a couple weeks ago someone left their moving truck in the red zone and then at 1am, decided they needed to start actually moving! 5) Walls are paper thin, my previous neighbors had a kid that would scream her head off...every single day she would have a tantrum and pount the floors and scream. I almost called CPS because it was so bad, luckily they moved out! Not even worth going on...final point is that if you want cheaper rent, but a really crappy, noisy, rude, disgusting place to live...go for it!
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Reed Square Apartments

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