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Shadowbrook Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 Recommended
Reviewed 03/06/2002
Yes, it is a nicely landscaped place, and yes the apartments are spacious and tasteful. But.... <br> <br>1) The water supply has some problem that I do not understand - but every morning I turn on the tap and the water is brown. Yes, everyday. After running it for a few minutes, it becomes clear again. <br> <br>2) We had ant problems in the winter - and the management just put their hands up in the air saying "this is to be expected." It was REALLY bad, and I had to spend more than 30 minutes a day cleaning up ants. No kidding. <br> <br>3) There was construction going on - and I lost my parking space, and had to park on the street which frequently was a challenge. I ended up parking almost a mile away 4 out of 7 days a week. <br> <br>4) The laundry room got busted, and we were not even informed about it. When asked why, or what the alternatives were, it was the same helplessness the management expressed. <br> <br>Don´ get me wrong, the management has always been polite, but don´t end up doing a lot for tenant concerns. <br> <br>Finally, there is no storage in the apartments, and I know a tenant who was renting some storage, in which there was a leak, and ruined all of his belongings. I do not know what the outcome of that situation was. <br> <br>But yes, it is visually a nice place, and very centrally located - close to 237, 85, 101, Central Expressway, El Camino etc. <br> <br>WOuld I reccomend it - yes - for a rent of no more than 1400 for 1 BR, or 1500 for 2 BR. <br>
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Shadowbrook Apartments

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