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Summerhill Park Apartments



Resident · 2009
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You are paying a premium for the location and that is all you get. Watch out for the hefty rent increase when it comes time to renew the lease. The city of Sunnyvale is currently not restricted by rent control. Cities with rent control you might a see modest rent increases of .05%-3%. Summerhill Park Apartments take full advantage of this opportunity and you. You are likely to see a 20% /- or $300.00 /- per month rent increases plus a hefty premium of 200.00 /- should you choose to become a month to month tenant rather than sign another lease. The apartments are out dated with cheap appliances, cheap carpet and padding, painted over Formica counter tops. The common walls are as thin as can be. In other words, you can hear you neighbors conversations, TV, stereo, snoring, and whatever other activities go on. Additionally, you can smell your neighbor s cigarette smoke invading your space from theirs, especially from the patio areas. Many of the carports are located up close and convenient to the apartments (One of their selling points). However, this is more of a nuisance than it is a convenience you are often awoken from the late arrivals home when sleeping. Additionally, the overly sensitive car alarms go off loudly more often than desired disrupting your sleep. The current on-site manager is rude and unprofessional. She has zero (0) interpersonal communication skills. She behaves like it is a major inconvenience to have to address simple work order requests and police the property. She needs Remedial Customer Service Training. Perhaps she is not aware that the tenants (aka The Customers) collectively pay for her salary, the mortgage on the property as well as all the other expenses attached. Without the tenants there is no income. So much for tenant retention. Summerhill Park Apartments is a pet friendly community (that is the positive and another one of their selling points) however that comes with an additional deposit fee and additional monthly fee per pet and the uninviting public letter box. Unfortunately, the management fails to enforce the responsibilities of the pet owners that neglect to pick up after their pets. As a result there are often dog feces and the smell of urine scattered around the common lawn areas mostly located in front of the bedroom windows of the ground floor units. The smell is especially bad in the summer months. Additionally, the washers and dryers are often full of dog hair. The garbage areas are often a disaster zone over flooded with garbage and a vile stench that will turn your stomach upon entering. In other words, the garbage areas seldom get cleaned and sanitized or just picked up in between the regularly scheduled garbage company pick up. There are several reviews posted at this website stating how safe this community is. They fail to mention that there have been multiple bike thefts and car break-ins at this property. As a result of the above the property is transient. There are approximately 3 or 4 turnovers every month out of 100 units which becomes an inconvenience with moving trucks blocking driveways and noise. I have had 3 new neighbors above me in a one year period. The whole building shakes when jockeying furniture around and up and down the stairs of the apartment(s). If I would have known even a small portion of this information when considering this community to call home I would have gone elsewhere in a heartbeat. If you need to be in this exact location there are 3 other complexes as options. I DO NOT RECOMMEND RENTING AT SUMMERHILL PARK APARTMENT. THERE ARE BETTER OPTIONS. Good Luck with your Home Search!!!
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Summerhill Park Apartments

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