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Summerhill Park Apartments



Resident · 2009
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I had 0 problem living there. everything is as good as it could be. about a month before my moveout, a new manager came. Maria Marin. on the move out day, i paid 5 days extra for the extra days i was leasing. then, i asked for moveout inspection. she was grumpy becasue i was intruding her daydreaming or whatever. she was like, "do you want to get it inspected now?", and I was like, "huh? if not now, when? it is not like i live here.." at the unit, she was saying the carpet wasnt clean, the room wasnt clean, paints need to be redone. i was like, "are you kidding me? that smudge is like dirts. it will come off in regular vacuum. this is clean enough, maybe just general cleaning" Becasue i intruded her lazy afternoon, i could feel she was doing this "------ power play". she said, "well, you are not the expert, i am not the expert, but i am just telling you.". i said "sure, fair enough. i am not the expert. you are not the expert. let the professional cleaning people decide what is necessary." (i took photos of the room for my defense, and to show her that she cant bill me up without a good reason) 2month later, i got a bill near $500. basically all my deposit. what the hell. this is the cleanest i've left behind, and i've never got billed more than $200 on an apartment cleanup. so, i went into this ballistic revenge/justice mode, and find fault in anything. on the bill, the carpet and paint job was done a day before the general cleaning. WTF! that can mean only one thing. a specialized service was done before a generalized service. she did not let the professional cleaning people decide. she lied. so, i went like, i am not paying for the extra fees incurred, becasue of your poor decision. she was like, the service is already done, so you need to pay for it. (translating. poor for you, not for me, too bad.) what? is this an extortion scheme? who decided which service was necessary? she showed me the lease contract that she can request any service necessary with the deposit, that she is backed by the corporate legal team. yes, but you are not reading it right. as per contract, i am willing to pay for the services NECESSARY, but not the services that cannot be proven to be necessary. in order for it to be necessary, a generalize service need to be done before a more expensive speicalized service. if it was not done properly, no one can know what is necessary. i am not paying for your bad decisions. then, she figured out I aint gonna back down easy, she tossed me to the upper mgmt (more business people). they were trying to make a deal. they were willing to dock off the repainting fee. I said "if you are willing to dock off repainting fee, why not about carpet cleaning? arent those 2 go together?" but, they were adament about the carpet cleaning. they were like "look, let's be reasonable here. what is done is what is done. you take one, we take one, call it even". this is like talking to some mafia!! i told them what was really going on, "i asked for an appendixtomy, and you took 2 of my kidneys, and giving one kidney back. and saying it even?" honestly, i didnt care much about $300. wasnt worth endless emails back and forth. but, i did not appreciate how they treat people. first, non-returning_customer_screw_you, then lied_to, then legal_shubup, then bureaucratic_tie_up. the moral of the story is that dont pay the last month rent, and let it cover with the deposit, that they dont hold your deposit a hostage. BTW, I still didnt settle with the apartment, and if there is any smart class action lawyer who want to sue the hell out of the apartment (Essex Property Trust), contact me rot13(wbuaqcnex)@gmail.com. i think we have a valid case. (doesnt the contract favors the one who didnt write the contract, in case of ambiguity? even though this isnt that ambiguous case.)
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Summerhill Park Apartments

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