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The Crossings Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2000 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/11/2000
I lived at this place for over a year simply because it used to be one of the cheaper places. Even though I have been there for only a year, the place has managed to go from bad to worse. <br> <br>There are many design flaws. An example is that the black top radiates heat into the bedroom all summer long bringing the temperature inside to over 100F on some days. Another example is their sound insulation leaves much to be desired as I can hear my neighbors on three sides. (up, left, right). <br> <br>They do not screen their applicants. In a market like Sunnyvale, most apartment complexes can afford to be choosy. This one seems to like the barrel scrapings. I see broken glass on the lot from vandelized cars. I see people take other people´s clothes out of the washing machine or dryer in mid cycle and just throw them anywhere. I saw a woman who was washing her clothes in a tub from her second floor balcony just throw the water onto the sidewalk. <br> <br>At 6am like clock work a guy revs up his motorcycle and peals out of the parking lot. If you get an apartment near there, get ready for an early start every day. The other aparments are against Lawrence Expressway so the constant drone of cars blends into a white noise after a while. <br> <br>Just to make things better there are rats running around everywhere. They mostly come out at night but once a little girl was playing with one. They love to come out from under the brick wall and crawl around people´s cars. I suppose they are attracted to the place by the fact that often trash makes it just to the lip of the garbage cans, but not in. Probably it is because they get full from random people dumping there. <br> <br>I noticed is that there is zero cell phone reception for Sprint PCS, Pacific Bell, or AT&T wireless. Not to say the phones don´t have any bars, but the asbestos in the walls and the lead paint probably keeps your phone from getting a clear signal. <br> <br>About the management, they are invisible. Sometimes they show up to lock the gym up at 6pm and unlock it at like 2 or 3pm.. Whenever they get in. You could be there on a lucky day when they just don´t even bother to lock the gym or clean it. <br> <br>The maintenance guy never answers his pager. Their answering machine fills up because they don´t check it. They post hours like 9am-5pm m-sat and 10am-4pm sunday.. But good luck. Their hours revolve around the nail schedule of the two to three dimwits who man the office at any given time. They will make all the promises in the world, but they will never follow through. It is notable that one of their office managers does seem to have a fake smile permanently and surgically added to her face. <br> <br>It would be nice if they cleaned the little duck pond they call a pool. I walk by it every day and it has not been cleaned since July. Since then, it has turned into a migration site for all sorts of water fowl. Yumm.. So convenient. <br> <br>They recently painted the place. They didn´t tell anyone so they painted people´s rugs, furniture, bbq sets, etc. They also didn´t sweep any of the decks before hand so there is dirt painted into them all. <br> <br>So I recommend to keep looking. It isn´t even the cheapest place anymore. My friend called and got these numbers below for rent. There are still places where you can get a one bedroom for cheaper in a better neighborhood.
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The Crossings Apartments

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