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Villa Cerise



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Snarfblaster • Resident 1994 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/26/2007
I stumbled across these reviews and found it very interesting that nothing has changed in terms of the very poor management at this complex.<br><br>Karen was a complete nightmare to deal with. She was intrusive and obnoxious and completely unable to have a reasonable, calm conversation about anything. Maintenance requests were met with total disdain (broken appliances and shredded awning). And you might as well just understand you will lose some or all of your deposit because it is more important to Karen to get in a last word than it is for her to be professional.<br><br>Our movers inadvertently pulled out and packed the built-in cutting board in the kitchen when they moved us. We discovered it within days and quickly shipped it back. We were charged $90 for the cutting board, despite returning it in under a week and it being an honest error that any reasonable person would be satisfied by the way we handled it. Not Karen. You will also be charged for carpet cleaning, regardless of what the contract says now. We lived there 9 months, had no pets or spills AND cleaned the carpets ourselves before we moved out and we were still charged.<br><br>Ants were a considerable problem (they did exterminate -- it goes with the area), and the noise problem should be obvious to anyone who moves into a small triangle plot of land surrounded by very busy streets.<br><br>I would never recommend these apartments to anyone, but mostly because of the poor management.
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Villa Cerise

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