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Villa Del Sol

355 East Evelyn Avenue

Sunnyvale, CA 94086



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matthewj4 • Resident 2013 - 2014 Recommended
Reviewed 06/09/2014
A few notes before I start: * My experience of renting in the US is very limited (to two other locations) and I am not from the US * I am therefore rating it relative to those other US rental apartments. I've been living at Villa Del Sol for about a year and a half. I'm going to do a pros and cons list. First the pros: + High quality layout and interiors of apartments, really well kept, modern decor. + Air conditioning in main rooms is great, the modern thermostats are nice. + Layouts on ground floor apartments are very spacious and tall. + Maintenance staff are very, very fast and good about responding to problems. I haven't had any interaction with the management staff though. + Pool area is well kept, with really nice design. + Pool and hot tub are very clean, and kept at nice temperatures. + Gym is basic and small, but all equipment is kept working and in decent condition. + Location is pretty great for access to Sunnyvale and the Caltrain station. Five minutes walk to a Target, Sprouts, and Walgreens, or 10 minutes to a Trader Joe's or Safeway. + Washer and dryer in the apartment itself is a nice thing, I hated the communal facilities in previous properties, so having this was a definite positive. + Very little sound passing between apartments, occasionally we'll hear some footsteps from our upstairs neighbours, but pretty rarely. + Windows are well screened, but you probably won't leave them open much because of traffic and A/C unit noise. Cons: + Kitchen appliances are quite dated, they work well, but the old style hobs are really poor, I'd like to see newer ovens added. + Kitchen lighting is a bit "cold" for my taste (and this is entirely subjective!), I prefer a 'warmer' color of lighting, but the kitchen light is nearly blue in temperature. + Bathrooms are a bit dated too, again they are well kept, but the tub is of 60s design and layout and a bit disappointing. + Bathtub is also not very resilient to mineral deposits from the water, so my tub now has a lot of mineral stains that are really impossible to remove. + I have one of the units facing onto Evelyn Ave on the ground floor. This means I have my own front door, however this means that deliveries are frequently "undelivered" because they have nowhere to buzz into, and apartment numbers are not indicated anywhere on the exterior. + The blinds on the windows are a bit poor, "close" them in one direction and they don't block out the light when you're sleeping, close them in the other direction and they don't provide any privacy. I also don't like the dull white color and metal material, but that's another matter of taste. + "Convenience" fee for online payments is bizarre, and seems way too high. This could just be a problem with America though, I'm used to "Direct Debit" which is a million times easier. + The gates for people to enter by aren't properly hinged, so they slam closed very loudly. This probably wouldn't be a problem for most people, but there is a gate that is basically on the other side of the wall from where my head sleeps at night, and the bang (while not that loud from inside) can be irritating. + The mailrooms are really grim looking, the lighting is terrible, and the flooring is really poor. Also other residents have a tendency to leave horribly smelly food waste in the trashcan in there, which is disgusting, but at least emptied regularly. The mailboxes could do with a bit of repair though. + The patios of the ground floor apartments are pretty poor. The air-conditioning outlets for both our apartment and the apartment above (we are in a section with only two floors, some have three) drip directly onto the patio, so now we have a gross, green, algae type residue. Makes the patio pretty unusable sadly. The front porch is spacious, but not secure. Other things to consider: + Remember that you will be *right beside* a Caltrain line. Now, as I said, I'm on the Evelyn Avenue side, at the "front" of the complex. I can attest, as a very light sleeper, that you will barely notice passing trains at this side of the complex. Inside might be a different matter, I know that when you're at poolside, which is beside the tracks, they are very noisy when passing, so you'll want to find out where in the complex you're going to be (there's a handy map in the reception area, find out what the apartment number you're applying for is and work it out), and what that sounds like. For my money, the more irritating sound comes from those dopey cars with their mufflers intentionally loud as hell. There are also planes landing at Moffat Field, but this is pretty rare, and usually just small private jets that aren't loud at all. Very occasionally (like 4 times in the entire year and a half I've lived here) there will be a jet fighter fly over, and that sounds like the world is coming to an end, but I'd imagine that problem applies to a vast swathe of Sunnyvale and Mountain View properties.
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Villa Del Sol

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