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Villa Del Sol

355 East Evelyn Avenue

Sunnyvale, CA 94086



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gabiscott • Resident 2006 - 2008 Recommended
Reviewed 08/04/2008
I have lived in this apartment complex for 1 1/2 years now so I have "lived" through the so-called outrageous rent hikes that others have commented about. Our rent went up $50, BIG WHOOP! The whole economy is going to hell, so what do you expect? If we were to actually find as nice of a complex in this immediate location, I would guess we'd pay more. I don't think it's unfair considering that we have an elevator (which I use more than I thought I would), gated parking, clean-updated fixtures and carpet and the usual pool/spa/gym. As for the plane noise, here's our take. My husband loves planes so he runs to the window like a little kid when he hears a plane fly over. I am a teacher and stay at home a lot during the summer, and I can tell you the WORST day for planes numbered no more than 10. They are loud, but they last for about 15 seconds so it's not like living next to a commercial airport. This whole area is affected by Moffet, so it's not the apartment complexe's fault. The windows: DO WORK! Caltrain stops no later than midnight and starts at about 5:30, but frankly, I don't hear them during the night. We do have to keep our windows shut during the night but I wouldn't want them open anyway, because it would be too cold. The breeze that flows through our apartment is awesome and as a result we've only had our air conditioning on for about 10 days total this summer, mostly due to the intense smoke from the fires. Oh yeah... AIR CONDITIONING! Not a window unit, but central! It doesn't work perfectly, as the bedrooms don't get much, but at least the living room is very cool and you can get some relief from the heat. I have friends that live in an upper floor apartment (near here) with no cross draft and no air conditioning and it's stifling. I cannot handle visiting them, and when I do, I can't wait to come home so I can sit in my own cool place. The staff treats you the way you treat them, and that goes for all things in LIFE!. I smile and say "Hi" to the maintenance guys and have had three out of three work orders fulfilled with HOURS! I always chat a bit with the ladies in the office and they are ALWAYS willing to help me. I have NEVER had a problem getting my packages and that's a big statement as my husband is a big online buyer. I really don't know why these other people have had such a problem with management as they've always been nice to me. Okay, so I agree with a few things from the negative reviews. The gates are broken often, but that's because moving companies jack with the doors and break them. I have noticed that they are always fixed within a few days, so I don't think it's that bad. There is a problem with trash in the recycle and trash shoot room, but that's mostly because some of the other renters in this complex are PIGS! They think it's their god given right to just heap and pile things until it explodes because it's not their problem. The maintenance staff always cleans it up so it really isn't a daily thing. I think any apartment complex is only as good as your neighbors so you're always going to have good and bad. I think that if you are looking for a great, walkable location to Caltrain, Murphy Street, The Farmer's Market, Target, and the soon to be new mall, you will love Villa. Also, if you are okay with some occasional noise from the train and planes, you'll be fine. If you want a clean, modern building with high ceilings, nice landscaping and efficient windows and doors this is also a great place. This is not a 1950's remodeled-100-times, rickety, gross-carpet, kind of place. It is heads above some of the other complexes we looked at, and we're actually quite sad at the prospect that we might have to move because we're expecting a baby. We'd like to spare our neighbors of a crying baby and are looking to rent a single-family house, but we know we won't find a house as convenient as this place.
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Villa Del Sol

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